Keep Your Heart Focused As You Prepare To Vote

by Rick

For the next couple of days I will still teach on resting in God’s finished work, but I will approach it from a different angle.  While Today’s Word goes out internationally, and I thank God for that, most of my subscribers live in the United States.  Many of my international subscribers are still following the upcoming U.S. election.  Tomorrow is the big day.  Americans will elect the 45th President of the United States.  There has been a lot of rhetoric, anger and indignation from both candidates and their respective supporters.  I pray you have NOT allowed your heart to get contaminated during this presidential election season.  While I agree that both candidates are underwhelming, on Wednesday morning, after we know the outcome of the election, God will still be God and your future will still rest in HIM, and not this nation.


This has been an election like no other.  Some see Donald Trump as a sexist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, pompous predator who has no business being President of the United States.  Others see Hillary Clinton as an lying, cheating, and stealing, arrogant, conniving, sleazy politician who should be locked up in prison.  No matter who wins tomorrow, many in our nation will be disappointed to the point of despair.  But there’s no need for you to be in despair.  Once again, Jesus will still be Lord on Wednesday morning.  God will still be on the throne, He will still be sitting on the circle of the earth, and our confidence must still be IN HIM!


So what does this mean to you today?  A few things.


1.  Keep Your Eyes On God This Week:

a)  Don’t get discouraged.

b)  Don’t’ allow yourself to be drawn into unnecessary and unproductive arguments.

c)  Maintain your peace and your focus.


2.  Don’t Allow Anyone to Manipulate Your Vote:

a)  No political party has a monopoly on Jesus.  Being a Republican does not make you pleasing in God’s sight.  Being a Democrat does not make you holy before the Lord your God.  Jesus bought you with a price.  He died so you can now live IN, WITH and FOR Him.  Your life is not your own.  God expects you to do whatever He leads you to do.  So pray and vote as you are led of God to vote.

b)  Don’t vote a certain way because of peer pressure.  Don’t vote a certain way because of tradition.  As a believer you should not identify yourself as being Republican or Democrat at the cost of identifying yourself with Christ.  Just pray, seek God’s direction, and vote as you are led to vote.  Cast your vote as a Born-Again, blood-bought, spirit-filled believer who is dead to self and alive to Christ.   


3.  Never Allow Yourself to be Ashamed of God or His Word:

a)  Regardless of what any lawmaker says, a marriage is still a relationship between one man and one woman.

b)  It is still wrong to kill.  A woman has a right to choose what she does with her body.  This does not, however, give her a right to kill ANOTHER body living INSIDE her body.  Sex is a choice, abortion is murder.

c)  A lawmaker can say that a young man can go into a girl’s bathroom just because he “thinks” he’s a girl.  But the boy is still a boy.  He may be deceived, but he is still a boy.  No lawmaker can make a boy a girl or vice-versa.

d)  No deception, unrighteousness, or twisted law can change God or His Word.  God’s Word is settled in heaven.

e)  God has spoken, His Word is settled in heaven, and He is not schizophrenic.  God is not confused.  He said what He meant and He meant what He said.


Closing Confession:  Father, this is a season of refined focus for me.  I bring my life into focus in 2016 and I make my decision to vote with divine clarity and focus.  I am not moved by the foolishness I have heard in this season.  I am not dismayed by the choices I have for president.  I keep my eyes on You.  My trust is in You.  My confidence is rooted and grounded in You, Your ability, Your power and Your strength.  You are my Lord.  You are my king.  You are my God and I live to give Your glory!  You have blessed America and I declare that You will continue to do so.  No matter who wins tomorrow, Jesus is still my Lord and You Father still reign!  I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


This is Today’s Word!  Apply it and Prosper.

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