Revelation and Money

by Rick

Today we continue our series entitled, “Back to the Bible,” with Part 39.  We have been looking at Psalm 119.  Let’s continue to walk through this amazing psalm.  Today we will look at verses 127 and 130 from The Passion Bible Translation.


David said:

(v.127)  Truly, your message of truth means more to me than a vault filled with the purest gold.

(v.130)  Break open your word within me until revelation-light shines out!  Those with open hearts are given insight into your plans.


So what does this mean to you today?  A few things.


1.  No amount of money is more valuable than God’s revelation in your life.  David said, “Truly, your message of truth means more to me than a vault filled with the purest gold.” (Psalm 119:127 TPT)

a)  In the parable of the sower Jesus warned against allowing “the deceitfulness of riches” to cancel-out the value of God’s Word.  Many people have failed to heed Jesus’ counsel. They have valued money over God and His Word, only to find the pursuit of money, as Jesus said, “deceitful.”  It’s deceitful in two ways. Some wind up chasing money over God their entire lives, only to waste the best of their days in pursuit of something that is of no eternal value.  Others chase money over God and they actually get to the point where they attain the earthly riches they wanted. Many in this position are then left with emptiness in their hearts.  They possess what they thought they wanted and they wake up realizing that they spent their lives chasing something that could never fulfill the void they have in their hearts. This is why many people with money, who do not have God, battle depression, thoughts of suicide, and are susceptible to addictive substances.  Although they have all the money they thought they wanted, they wind up attempting to drown-out their pain with illicit sex, drugs and alcohol. In both cases — the ones who chased money and never got it and the ones who finally attained it — people wind up learning what Jesus said: the pursuit of riches is deceitful.  So, decide right now that you will chase God over chasing money and He will see to it that money winds up chasing you (Matthew 6:33).

b)  God is in no way against believers having money.  When David said what he said about valuing God over a vault filled with gold, he was a billionaire, and it was God who made him rich.  David’s point is that you can have money, just as long as the money does not have you.

c)  When God knows that He can trust you with earthly riches and the riches will not corrupt your character or derail you from your destiny, He can then use you as a conduit of Kingdom finance.  At that point He can funnel money through you to fund Kingdom projects around the world.

d)  Make no mistake, it takes money to do ministry around the planet and God is looking for people who have clean hands and pure hearts (people who are not corrupted by money), so He can use them to channel natural resources to fund supernatural projects.  


2.  Reading God’s Word positions you to receive insight concerning HIs plans for your life.  David said, “Break open your word within me until revelation-light shines out!  Those with open hearts are given insight into your plans.” (Psalm 119:130 TPT)

a)  God made plans for you before the world began.  He finished you before you ever got started. His plans were complete before you ever took one breath.  Therefore, you cannot experience true success outside of those plans. No amount of money, worldly prestige, earthly influence, or global fame can be a measure of success for you, because the ruler by which God judges your success was laid out before you were born.  Your goal is to align with the life God assigned you to walk out.

b)  Purpose cannot be decided, because God decided it before you were born.  Therefore, purpose must be discovered. Your goal in life is to discovery it, develop in it, and then deploy into your divine purpose.

c)  God established your purpose before the world began.  The only way you can truly be a success is by FINDING IT, FOLLOWING IT and attempting to FINISH IT before you die!

d)  David said that when we read God’s Word with our hearts open to hear what the author, God Himself, has to say, we are given insight into God’s plans.  This is the ultimate goal. You READ what God SAID, with your heart open to HEAR what He is SAYING!

e)  God’s plans for your life are set.  Your part is to spend enough time with Him ‘till you get to the point where He lets you in on the plans.  When God lets you in on the plans He made for you before the world began, you are then in position to live as the man/woman you are destined to be!  


Closing Confession:  

Father, this is a season of expectation for me.  I pursue Your revelation-light like never before.  I spend time with You in prayer. I open Your Word, I read what it says, I ask You, as the author of the book, to speak to me as I do.  I read what you SAID with my heart open to hear what You are SAYING! As You speak to me, I receive insight, wisdom, revelation, knowledge and understanding.  You let me in on Your plans for my life and I then walk-out what You planned. In the process, You use me to fund Kingdom projects all around the world. You can funnel money TO ME and then THROUGH ME.  I can have money, because money does not have me. I am a conduit of Kingdom finance. I use natural resources for spiritual purposes and I am tremendously blessed in the process. I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!


This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!


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