Reasons Why NOT to FEAR (Part 4)

by Rick

Today I will continue my current series entitled, REASONS WHY NOT TO FEAR!  Reason #4: There is no god LIKE our God!  Further, there is no is god BUT our God!

We will look at several scriptures to drive home our point today.  Let’s get into it.

So what does this mean for you today?  A few things:

1.  Our God is the ONLY true God!

(Isaiah 43:10-13 ERV)

The Lord says, “You people are my witnesses and the servant I chose. I chose you so that you would help people believe me. I chose you so that you would understand that ‘I Am He’—I am the true God. There was no God before me, and there will be no God after me.  I myself am the Lord, and there is no other Savior. I am the one who spoke to you, saved you, and told you those things. It was not some stranger who was with you. You are my witnesses, and I am God.” (This is what the Lord himself said.) “I have always been God. When I do something, no one can change what I have done. And no one can save people from my power.”

I love the way our God boldly declares:

  • There was no god before me and there will be none after me.
  • Apart from me, there is no other god.
  • No one can deliver you from out of my hand!
  • When I do something, no one can stop it!

God is telling you that He is our God, that He is bigger and stronger than anything or anyone, and that in reality there are no other gods but Him!  Our God is the only true God, He has all power, and He has our backs! If you meditate on this truth long enough, you will be able to enter everyday fearless confidence because of the assurance God has given you that He is with you everywhere you go!  This is a message we certainly need to hear today, with all the news about the global pandemic. Instead of allowing fear of the Coronavirus disease to grip your heart, make time to meditate on the fact that God is bigger and stronger than everything, including this disease.

2.  Our God has ALL POWER and He knows ALL THINGS!

(Isaiah 44:6-8 ERV)

The Lord is the king of Israel. The Lord All-Powerful is the one who will set Israel free. And he says, “I am the only God. There are no other gods. I am the Beginning and the End.  There is no other God like me. If there is, that god should speak now. Let him lay out everything he has done since the time I made these ancient people. Let him show me the signs he gave long ago that prove he knew what would happen in the future.  “Don’t be afraid! Don’t worry. I am the one who always told you what would happen. You are my proof. There is no other God; I am the only one. There is no other ‘Rock’; I know I am the only one.”

My first point came from Isaiah 43.  If you flip the page over to the next chapter you find out that God was not done.  In our passage, God makes it plain. He lets us know, in no uncertain terms, that He is God and besides Him, there is no other god.  Our God, Jehovah, is the only God that made plans before the world began, who calls the end from the beginning (Isa 46:10), and who has ALL POWER in His hands.  Jehovah evens knows our thoughts before we think them (Ps 139:2). He alone knows what will happen before it happens. Coronavirus did not catch Him off-guard.  He has seen epidemics and global pandemics come and go, and He is still God.      

Based upon His superiority as the only true God, Jehovah says in our text, “Don’t be afraid!  Don’t worry!” (44:8).  In another translation, when it refers to the existence of any other gods, our God says, “I don’t know of any.”  God has a sense of humor.  It is as if He said, “Hey, I have looked and I can’t find any other god but me!

Our God is omniscient; which means that He knows everything.  If He knows everything, and He does, and He can’t find any other gods out there, then there are none!  There is no God but our God.  Based upon the fact that He is the only God and based upon the fact that we are His children, He says, “Don’t be afraid!  Don’t worry!”  That sounds like a good enough reason for me not to fear.

I know there is a lot going on right now in the world and news channels are bombarding you with information.  But If you take the time to think about the fact that while the world is panicking due to the Coronavirus disease, God is still God.  He is not moved.  He was God before this and He will still be God after it is over.  Meditate on Him. Think about His power. Rest in His strength. Do all the things that are practical and pragmatic.  Wash your hands. Use good hygiene. Avoid unnecessary contact. Do the things that make sense. But above all else, maintain your trust and confidence in your God.  Meditate and meditate on His Word day and night, and your mind/soul will be at peace, while others are in fear.

That’s enough for today.

Declaration of Faith

Father, I believe Your Word.  I submit to You and no one else.  I acknowledge no other deity. I call upon You and no other name.  There is no other god but You. You sit on the circle of the earth.  You have all power. You are the God who was, and is, and ever shall be.  You looked out and could not find any other gods anywhere! I take Your Word for it and I exercise my faith and trust in You and in You alone.  You told me not to worry You told me not to be afraid. You explained to me that there is no need for me to fear. So I declare, right now, by faith, that I believe You.  I will not fear. No fear here! Fear has no power over me. I enter into this day with fearless confidence, because my confidence is in the ONE TRUE GOD! While the world may be going haywire around me, I enter into Your rest.  I declare this by faith! In Jesus’ name. Amen!

This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!

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