The Cost of Leadership (11 Lessons in Leadership from “The Last Dance”)

by Rick

Here is a list of the lessons you will learn in this video.  I have added timestamps, in case you want to jump to that lesson.

Part 1: Leading Yourself

(00:57) Lesson #1: Leaders must be dedicated to personal excellence 

(03:43) Lesson #2: Leaders Lead from the front

(05:13) Lesson #3: You will attract what you transmit

Part 2: Leading Others

(22:48) Lesson #4: Leaders acknowledge that the TEAM is bigger than any ONE INDIVIDUAL

(22:36) Lesson #5: Leadership is about making others better!

(28:19) Lesson #6: Leaders get the most out of ROLE PLAYERS!

(34:08) Lesson #7: Leaders learn to play with the hand they have been dealt

(35:58) Lesson #8: Everyone is NOT the same!

(40:08) Lesson #9: Leaders CAST VISION!

Part 3: What It Will Cost You

(44:18) Lesson #10: If you are doing something new, you will be misunderstood

(46:57) Lesson #11: If you are going to do anything of significance in this world, people will talk about you

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