A Culture of HONOR

by Rick

Last night I got to spend some time with Bishop Richard and Dr. Janice Peoples.  I met them in 1996, when I was stationed on Fort Gordon, after giving my life to Christ in Kuwait.  I was a new Christian and a young father.  I needed guidance as I was attempted to become the man God has called me to be.  They were my Pastors, but they were more than that.  I left Fort Gordon in 1997, but I returned in 2004 and spent a few years with them, and the church (Faith Outreach) again.  The impact they have had on my life is almost immeasurable.

I will always honor them because God used them as key vessels to develop me and my wife.  Without them, Isabella and I would not be where we are today.  Whenever I get a chance, I HONOR THEM.  

Here are a few quick thoughts on the importance of developing and maintaining a culture of HONOR.

— The culture of God’s Kingdom is a culture of HONOR.

— When you honor someone you are choosing to acknowledge the value God placed in them, without allowing their mistakes (or flaws) to keep you from bestowing honor.

— When you honor someone, you are choosing to see them the way God sees them and openly acknowledge it.

— When you honor God, you honor His people.  When you honor His people, this means you see them the way God sees them, and you relate to them that way, without tripping over their humanity.

— No human is perfect, but God looks past our imperfections and chooses to highlight the strengths He put in us.  When you walk with God, He expects you to HONOR the people He placed in your life and to see them the way He does.

— Seeing someone the way God sees them is critical to providing the honor they deserve.  Because God knows you are flawed and when He looks at you, He refuses to allow the flaws of your humanity to cloud His judgment.  He loves you anyway and He chooses to see you the way He created you, not simply based on your performance.

So, please take the time to HONOR those God has placed in your life. In God’s Kingdom, the currency is faith, and the culture is honor!


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