Peace Pulling Guard Duty

by Rick

Not only is God’s peace available to us, but when we make our requests known to God, and we cast our cares upon Him, His peace comes in, lifts the burden of the weight of the cares we were previously carrying, and then that same peace dutifully pulls guard duty around our heart and our mind so that we can be free of distressing anxiety. WOW! Isn’t that a picture of the way we should all want to live?

More about this peace:
1. The Father wants us to bring our cares and concerns to Him in prayer.
2. Through prayer and His Word the Father gives us insight for living.
3. Once we apply that insight we can have the confidence of knowing that He is walking with us and we with Him.
4. That confidence produces a peace that will lift the weight of every burden.
5. That peace will dutifully pull guard duty around our heart and our mind so that we can live the life the Father desires for us to live – free from distressing anxiety.

Peace Pulling Guard Duty from Rick Pina on Vimeo.

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