God will NEVER FAIL You!

(Prov 25:19 NLT)  Putting confidence in an unreliable person in times of trouble is like chewing with a broken tooth or walking on a lame foot.


This morning we get back to our series entitled, “Unlocking the Power of Proverbs – Walking in the Wisdom of God.”  The picture Solomon paints for us this morning is both comical and sobering.  We may not want to admit it, but I would venture to say that we have all placed in our confidence in unreliable people before.  Solomon reminds us of how painful the experience can be, especially when we really need the person to ‘be there’ for us.  For an unreliable person to fail us is one thing, but to fail in times of trouble, when we are counting on them to truly make a difference for us, makes the sting of the disappointment even worse.


Have you ever attempted to chew with a broken tooth?  Not only is the tooth unable to perform what you need it to do (break down the food), but it actually hinders you from using your other teeth, which are functioning well, because of the corporate pain that it causes.  Likewise, having one bad foot is almost as bad as having two, because the one bad foot makes it awkward at best, and impossible at worse, to walk.  That’s how it is with unreliable friends.  It would be bad enough if they were unreliable all by themselves; ruining their own lives.  But when they make promises to be there for you, and you are foolish enough to count on them, then their unreliability becomes a stumbling block for you as well.  It’s almost as if it were better that they never made the promise in the first place; at least then you would not have been counting on them.


Have you ever been there?  Have you ever been in a situation where others claimed their allegiance to you, only to leave you when you needed them the most?  Have you ever been in a covenant with someone that swore to be with you through thick and thin, only to be dropped at the first sign of ‘thick’?  The sad reality is that many of us – no, more like most of us – have experienced the pain of being stranded by someone who claimed to be there for us.  The Bible and newspapers are full of accounts of people who failed others.


I wish I could tell you that once you gave your life to Christ that you would never have another disappointment, but you and I both know that would be a lie.  The truth is that life in Christ is not without it’s share of challenges and the sad reality is that sometimes you have to face those challenges all alone.  Humanly speaking, there will be times – especially when the going gets rough – that you will have to face challenges without the assistance of others; but you can find rest in the fact that we serve a God who will never leave us nor forsake us.


So what does this mean to you today?  It means that while some folk may be fickle, phony, or even flat-out fake, God is always faithful.  I don’t want to put a bad taste in your mouth towards others, because God wants us to have rewarding and fulfilling relationships, but ultimately your trust must be in God!  Even when others leave, God is still there!


Closing Confession:  Father, I thank You for helping me to develop my trust and confidence in You!  I am able to stay fixed and focused, even when others leave me and forsake me.  I know that You will always be there for me, so my confidence is in You!  Even when I am deserted and betrayed by others, I will not allow my disappointment to cause me to lose focus from the race that is set before me.  When the pressure is on I remain ready to fight and I keep my ‘faith switch’ in the ON position.  I refuse to allow the decisions of others to derail me from my destiny.  I am still here, I am still ready to fight, I am still in position, I release myself to You Father to be used of You for Your glory!  I won’t let anything keep me from Your best!  You are faithful and You will never fail me.  I build my confidence in that!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen!


This is Today’s Word!  Apply it and Prosper!


  • Jannie Wolff 5 years ago

    I am writing on a similar topic in my blog today and when I looked up “Others may fail you but God never will,” I found this post. I’m planning to link your page in my blog for today. I’m not sure what the title will be yet, but I wanted to let you know. It should be posted in the next hour or two.



    • Rick 5 years ago

      Praise God. Please share, and may the Lord bless you richly.

      God bless,

    • Kennedy 3 years ago

      This is factual and it is important that believers realize and accept that it is only God who will never fail us


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