Abstain from Gossip

by Rick

(Prov 25:23 GNB)  Gossip brings anger just as surely as the north wind brings rain.


This morning we get back to our series entitled, “Unlocking the Power of Proverbs – Walking in the Wisdom of God.”  Solomon had a lot to say about the power and importance of our words.  Our words can be a tremendous blessing, but if used the wrong way, they can also be a curse.  The same power that is released to build up and edify, can be released to tear down and destroy.


In “Commanding Your Morning” Dr. Cindy Trimm had the following to say about the power of our words: “The power of the spoken word is one of life’s greatest mysteries.  All that you will ever be or accomplish hinges on what you choose to come out of your mouth.  By what you allow to occupy your mind and mouth you can either bless your life to great heights of success or send it orbiting into realms of failure, sadness, and discontent.”  “Consciously choosing your words is like putting together the right combination of brick and mortar.  Just as the great architects have taken raw materials to build skyscrapers and timeless monuments, your words are the raw materials that can form the life you are meant to live.”


But what happens when people choose to unleash the power of the tongue against others?  Back in chapter 10 Solomon said, “The mouth of a fool invites ruin.” (v.14).  Unlike the wise who meditates on Godly counsel, fools meditate on ungodly counsel and their words reflect it.  They are quick to welcome bad news and to spread it (gossip) like the plague.  Just like the hearts of the righteous are filled with good things, the hearts of the wicked are filled with evil things.  And out of the abundance of their hearts their mouths speak.  Their lips spew hateful and divisive words.  These people are conniving and their ways can spread like cancer throughout an organization; driving wedges between members; causing division, discord and discontent.  Not only are these people called “fools” by Solomon, but they are too foolish enough to realize that they are being a detriment to themselves.  They will eventually reap what they are sowing.  Just as sure as the north winds bring rain, their gossip will stir up anger and strife against them; and eventually sooner or later they will be ensnared by the words of their mouths.


So what does this mean to you today?  A few things:

1.  Watch your mouth.  Your mouth can either become a fountain from which blessing, promises, and righteousness flow or it can become the vehicle through which destruction and defeat are ushered into your life.

2.  Never ‘put your mouth’ on anyone.  You don’t know the purposes and plans God has for others and when you ‘put your mouth’ on them, you may be getting in the way of what God wants to do in and through their lives.

3.  Never violate anyone’s confidence.  You must develop a sense of care and concern for people, to the point where you will not share openly what they have shared with you privately.

4.  Protect others with both your words and your silence.  God’s love IN YOU enables you to cover, conceal, and carry the mistakes and burdens of others.


Closing Confession:  Father, I thank You for teaching me the importance of my words.  Not only can my words affect the lives of others, but they also have a great deal to do with the course of my own life.  I declare, by faith, that I will carefully filter what I hear and what I see.  I protect what goes into the soil of my heart.  I will ensure that my heart receives what is right.  As my heart receives the right things, it will bring forth the right harvest, and I will speak the right words.  I speak life and not death, blessing and not cursing, and I use my tongue to help and not hurt.  My mouth is a fountain of life, not a source of destruction.  Everything that is shared with me in private, remains private.  I protect my friends and myself with both my words and my silence.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen!


This is Today’s Word!  Apply it and Prosper!

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