There’s No Place Like Home

by Rick

(Prov 27:8 NIrV)  A man who wanders away from his home is like a bird that wanders from its nest.


This morning we continue our series entitled, “Unlocking the Power of Proverbs – Walking in the Wisdom of God.”  This proverb drives home the importance of a stable environment.  I remember the first time I left home.  I was 16 years old and I left my mother, sister, and step-father behind in the Dominican Republic and returned to Brooklyn in order to finish my last year of High School in the United States.  I did not want to graduate from High School in the Dominican Republic, but the decision meant that I would be staying with my cousin in Brooklyn.  While I love my cousin very much, it was not the same as home.  A short year after returning to Brooklyn I joined the United States Army at the tender age of 17 and left home for good.  I may have grown up in a terrible neighborhood, but I certainly grew up in a wonderful home.  I can attest to the blessed benefits a stable home can provide.


Not being able to enjoy the safety, serenity, stability, and support of a home is a terrible thing.  In fact, it is so bad that it was actually part of Cain’s punishment when he killed his brother Abel.  When Cain performed the unthinkable the Lord said, “Why have you done this terrible thing?  You killed your own brother, and his blood flowed onto the ground.  Now his blood is calling out for me to punish you.”  Even though Abel was dead, his blood was still speaking and it demanding payment for the wrong done.  On a quick side note, I just want to mention that when the first drop of Jesus’ blood hit the ground satan’s fate was sealed.  Satan and his demons thought they were winning by killing Jesus, but Jesus’ blood made the case that condemned satan forever!  Praise God for the Blood of Jesus.  Okay, let’s get back to Cain and Abel.


The Lord went on to say, “I’ll put you under a curse.  Because you killed Abel and made his blood run out on the ground, you will never be able to farm the land again.”  Abel worked animals and Cain worked the ground.  Cain’s livelihood was now in question because he could no longer work as a farmer.  The Lord continued, “If you try to farm the land, it won’t produce anything for you.  From now on, you’ll be without a home, and you’ll spend the rest of your life wandering from place to place.”  This is the part that ties to today’s message.  One of the greatest parts of Cain’s punishment was the fact that he would no longer enjoy the comforts of home.  For the rest of his life he would have to wander from place to place as a drifter.  Once the reality of the Lord’s words set in, Cain responded, “This punishment is too hard!  You’re making me leave my home and live far from you.  I will have to wander about without a home, and just anyone could kill me.” (see Genesis 4:10-14).


So what does this mean to you today?  It means that your home should provide you:

1.  Safety:  Cain knew that he would be vulnerable without the safety of a home.  Your home should be a place where you feel safe.  Pray over your home and ask God for angelic protection.

2.  Serenity:  In addition to the protection, your home should provide you a sanctuary where the peace of God abounds.  Pray over your home and ask God to infuse it with His peace!

3.  Stability:  The world is ever changing.  If our current economy is any indication, we should know that we can’t find stability in this world’s system, but we can find stability in a Godly home.

4.  Support:  One of the greatest things I get at home is the support of my family.  We all need people who believe in us, and our home should provide that type of support.


Closing Confession:  Father, I thank You for this Word.  I make this declaration of faith over my home.  I declare that my home is completely safe.  Your angels establish a hedge around my property that no devil, demon, or demonic influence can penetrate.  My home is also a serene sanctuary.  When I come home after a long day I find rest and peace within its walls.  When I step through the door the burdens and weight of the day fall off of me immediately.  My home is also a stable place where I am rooted and grounded in who You have made me to be.  No matter how much the world fluctuates, I am able to remain anchored at home.  And finally, I declare that I am surrounded with loving support at home.  My home is filled with people who believe in me and support my dreams as if they were their own.  There’s no place like home!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen!


This is Today’s Word!  Apply it and Prosper!


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