Maintaining Your Integrity While You Wait

by Rick

(Read 2 Samuel 3:31 – 4:12)


This morning we continue our series “Grace that is Simply Amazing.”  When we left off with the story of David, General Abner had pledged his allegiance to the King and he was planning a lobbying campaign to make David the King over the entire nation of Israel.  Unfortunately, David’s own General (Joab) spoiled the plan when he killed Abner in revenge for his brother’s death.  Joab may have avenged his brother, but he surely made a mess of David’s plans.  King David was furious and saddened.  David mourned the death of Abner and fasted the entire day of his funeral.


Meanwhile, when King Ishbosheth heard about Abner’s death at Hebron, he lost all his courage, and all Israel became paralyzed with fear.  Abner was his strength and with the commander gone King Ishbosheth knew his days as king were numbered.  Two of his own men, Baanah and Recab, who were brothers and captains of Ishbosheth’s raiding parties, took it upon themselves to kill the King.  They went to Ishbosheth’s palace around noon as he was taking his midday rest.  The doorkeeper, who had been sifting wheat, became drowsy and fell asleep.  So Recab and Baanah slipped past her.  They went into the house and found Ishbosheth sleeping on his bed.  They killed him and cut off his head.  Then, taking his head with them, they fled across the Jordan Valley through the night.  When they arrived at Hebron, they presented Ishbosheth’s head to David.  They thought David was going to give them a reward, but the payment David gave them was not what they expected.  David said to Recab and Baanah, “The LORD, who saves me from all my enemies, is my witness.  Someone once told me, ‘Saul is dead,’ thinking he was bringing me good news.  But I seized him and killed him at Ziklag.  That’s the reward I gave him for his news!  How much more should I reward evil men who have killed an innocent man in his own house and on his own bed?  Shouldn’t I hold you responsible for his blood and rid the earth of you?”  With that, David ordered his young men to kill them, and they did.  They cut off their hands and feet and hung their bodies beside the pool in Hebron.  Then they took Ishbosheth’s head and buried it in Abner’s tomb in Hebron.


So what does this mean to you today?  Two things:

1.  You have to maintain your integrity.  David knew he was destined to be King.  He knew it was only a matter of time.  He knew the Lord had been preparing him all his life to rule and reign over Israel.  But David never took it upon himself to force the issue.  David had several changes to kill Saul, but he refused to do it.  He knew Ishbosheth was a much weaker leader than Saul and he could have easily won a war against him, but once again, he refused to do it.  David did not want to lay hold of the right thing in the wrong way.  Why?  Because he knew that if you pursue the right thing the wrong it, it becomes the wrong thing.  The same holds true for us.  Far too many believers today know God has called them to do something, or to lay hold of something, but they then pursue those things in unscrupulous and ungodly ways.  You can cheat your way to God’s best, and then think the blessing with be on you.  You can’t violate your integrity to take possession of something you know God has destined you to have, because you will be spoiling the process and cutting yourself off from the anointing to enjoy it when you get it.  So, the best thing to do is to maintain your integrity, to do what is right, because it’s right, and to wait on God for His timing.  In the fullness of time you will take possession of what God has destined you to have, and since you waited to possess it the right way, it will be a blessing to you and you will be able to enjoy it.


2.  Sooner or later, one way or another, things will work out for your good.  When you learn to wait on the Lord, and not force the issue, it is only a matter of time before what you have received in your heart will manifest in your hands.  It might not come when you wanted it, and it might not come the way you expected it, but if you keep waiting, and you maintain your integrity while you wait, it will come.  What God has for you is for you and no one can take it away from you.  However, you can mess up the process by getting out ahead of God.  So just keep waiting, don’t move until He tells you to move, keep your faith switch in the “ON” position while you are waiting, and in the fulness of God’s time it shall come to pass!


Closing Confession:  Father, I thank You for Your Word.  Your Word teaches me to live with integrity.  I know You have destined me for greatness.  Before the foundations of the world You made plans for me to accomplish several things here in the earth.  You have revealed some of those things to me and I have full assurance that they shall come to pass.  In your realm they have already happened and it’s already done.  In my realm they have not manifested yet and I am waiting for them in faith.  But no matter how long I wait and no matter how much pressure I feel to “make” them happen, I refuse to get out ahead of You and I will never do anything illegal, immoral, shady, conniving or unscrupulous to bring them to pass.  I cannot pursue good things in bad ways.  I won’t violate my integrity to receive Your best, because I know I will be tainting whatever I receive.  Therefore, I declare, by faith, that I shall walk in righteousness and integrity all the days of my life.  I wait on You, I do what You lead me to do, and I never do anything that will discredit, dishonor or disgrace You; especially not in Your name.  I trust that in the fullness of Your timing Your best shall come to pass in my life.  I am not afraid.  I am not anxious.  I am not impatient.  I love You, I wait on You, I trust You and I have faith in You!  You best is on it’s way and when it comes I shall be able to enjoy it, because I did not do anything to devalue it when I take possession of it.  I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

This is Today’s Word!  Apply it and Prosper.

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