2018 – The Year of Expectation

by Rick

First of all, on behalf of Isabella and me, I would like to pronounce a blessing over you and your family for 2018.  May this year be the best year of your life.  I trust you had a great Christmas.  I enjoyed my break.  The rest was amazing.  But I did miss you and this labor of love.  We are celebrating 20 years of Today’s Word.  It has been, and continues to be, an amazing part of my life and ministry.  I know you have many options for daily devotions and I am thankful you choose this one.


Today’s Word is not a canned prewritten devotion.  I believe that part of the uniqueness of what God has called me to do with Today’s Word is that He requires me to seek Him daily and to share what He says.  That being the case, I am excited about what I believe God is saying about 2018.  While God made plans for you before the world began, you get to actually live out God’s plans in different times and seasons, and at different levels and stages of your life.  Discerning what heaven is saying concerning the season you are in is critical, because attempting to do the right thing, but doing it at the wrong time, makes the right thing the wrong thing.  Since God’s plans for your life are already written, true success can only be experienced when you discover, develop in, and then deploy into God’s will for your current season.


Every year I seek God for a theme.  I want to know what He is saying in the current season.  I truly want to flow in God’s grace daily.  Life become less about your striving and more about God’s sovereignty and providence when you consciously make a human alignment with your divine assignment for the season you are in.  That said, what I believe God spoke to me for 2018 is that this year will be a Year of Expectation for us.  What I mean by this is that God wants us to enter every day with an expectation of His goodness to be manifested in the earth.  


In the messages for this year, we will learn to develop a Godly expectation that will fuel our faith and elevate our hope.  Thank you in advance for going on the journey with me.  I believe it will be an amazing year.


So what does this mean to you today?  Since I am introducing the series today, I will simply give you a few quick nuggets about expectation and the season I believe we are in.


  1.  2017 was a challenging year for many.  Isabella and I faced some of the toughest challenges of our lives.  But like many of you, we came out on top, by God’s grace.  While it was a year of great victory, those victories came after significantly challenging experiences.  Thankfully, we are still here, and it’s by the grace of God!  Take a moment to look back over 2017 and give God praise for bringing you through it.  


  1.  Through the challenges of 2017 and those which proceeded them, many of us have sown significant seeds of godliness over the years.  In this season we will enter every day expecting a harvest on every seed sown.  We will believe God for harvest in our personal lives and also in the Body of Christ at-large.  This expectation will help us keep our faith in the “ON” position.


  1.  When speaking about true expectation, I have heard Christian leaders describe entering every day with an “outstretched neck.”  The visual is of a person who is SO expectant that their neck is literally stretching out as their face gazes into the heavens in anticipation.  It’s like they are living every moment in Godly suspense, awaiting the manifestation of God’s promises.  This is how I believe the Father wants us to live 2018: in expectation, with anticipation, in suspense, knowing that God’s harvest, on the seeds we have sown, can come at any time.


Closing Confession:  

Father, this is a year of expectation for me.  I expect You to provide a harvest on every seed sown, both in my life personally, and across the Body of Christ.  You are the Lord of the Harvest, the earth functions on a system of seedtime and harvest, and I believe it’s Harvest Time for us!  So, I enter this day and every day of 2018 with an outstretched neck.  I have an expectation of Your manifestation.  I live every moment in anticipation of Your goodness.  I maintain a Godly suspense daily, knowing that my harvest can come at any time.  Thank You Father for seeing me through 2017.  Thank You for blessing me to see 2018.  And thank You, in advance, for making 2018 the best year of my life and an amazing year for the Body of Christ at-large.  This year we will see a tremendous Harvest of souls come into Your Kingdom.  I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!


This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!


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Joy January 3, 2018 - 8:14 pm

Dear pastor,
Thanks for your word. I am in Vancouver, last year God gave me the word“words of god” in my mind, and I googled it and found your program.

It’s great to know the message you talking about for the 2018. I was baptized in New York in 2004, and God put me in the position as stock broker on Wall Street, I did not do it well. But I knew God promised me he will give me financial blessing, so I endured very difficult life for 10 years as it’s commission based job. God did many miracles to make me survive till 2015, I have to back to Canada as I am a Canadian.

I always want to get married and want to have a man from God, but all these years, never happened. But did have some test last year.

Basically my life just like you said, all these years I told my parents, God will bless me, just wait. But it’s really wait too long. Hopefully 2018 is a year for my real breakthrough. I now work as a financial advisor in a insurance company, just started, very difficult also.

Pastor, all these years I always dream I could live a life like other people, a normal family and no more struggling in finance. Hopefully God can answer my prayers this year- a question about the miracles, do you think the breakthrough just happened suddenly or we need to do some extra effort to read bible or longer time to pray? Thanks

Rick January 3, 2018 - 10:32 pm

Joy, I will email you.



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