God’s Standard and His Goodness

by Rick

Today we continue our series entitled, “Back to the Bible,” with Part 24.  We have been looking at Psalm 119.  Let’s continue to walk through this amazing psalm.


David said:

(v.51)  No matter how bitterly the proud mockers speak against me, I refuse to budge from your precepts.

(v.55)  Throughout the night I think of you, dear God; I treasure your every word to me.

(v.57)  You are my satisfaction, Lord, and all that I need, so I’m determined to do everything you say.


So what does this mean to you today?  A few things.


1. Never make excuses or compromises for God’s standard.  David said, “No matter how bitterly the proud mockers speak against me, I refuse to budge from your precepts.” (Psalm 119:51 TPT)

a)  While the ways of God are amazing, they are often NOT the norm.  Especially in today’s society, if you stand for the things God stands for, you may be mocked and ridiculed.  However, David makes it clear that no matter how bad the ridicule, refuse to budge from God’s precepts. I would rather be okay with God and not okay with man, than the other way around.

b)  In Today’s society if you truly believe the Bible and you stand on what it says, you may be seen as a bigot, close-minded, and antiquated in your thinking.  If that happens to you, rest in God. You don’t have to defend God or what He said. You don’t have to make excuses for God’s standards. You don’t have to compromise what you believe.  Believe what the Bible says. Stand on it without wavering. Don’t be ashamed of what you believe. If people mock you, hold your peace. Pray for them. Be kind to them. Bless them, even in their opposition.  God won’t allow their poison to stop your purpose and when it is all said and done, people will discover that God’s ways were right. This is why if you ever have a choice between pleasing God and pleasing man, it is not really a choice.  Choose God every time and don’t be ashamed about it!


2.  Doze off into sleep meditating on God’s promises to you!  David said, “Throughout the night I think of you, dear God; I treasure your every word to me.” (Psalm 119:55 TPT)

a)  God wants us to fill our hearts and minds with His promises towards us.  I know we are all busy and we sometimes fail to find the time to truly meditate on God and what He has said to us.  David teaches us that a good time to do it is when we are dozing off to sleep. Go to sleep thinking about what God has promised you.  If you doze off into sleep meditating and meditating on God’s promises, your sleep will be sweet, your your rest will good, and your dreams will be infused with Godly desires.

b)  Solomon taught us that God gives His beloved sweet sleep (Psalm 127:2).  Solomon’s Dad (David) taught us how to make sure our sleep is sweet — by meditating on God’s promises to us as we doze off into sleep.


3.  God is enough.  David said, “You are my satisfaction, Lord, and all that I need, so I’m determined to do everything you say.” (Psalm 119:57 TPT)

a)  When you are convinced that God is enough and you are fully satisfied IN HIM, you will be determined to do what He says without any concern for what others will say.

b)  When you find your satisfaction in God and not things or people, your ability to rest in the fact that “God is enough” will empower you to enjoy the life God called you to live.  In the process, He will bless you to enjoy things and He will give you favor with people.  Said another way, if you place your pursuit of things and your concern for what people may think over your satisfaction in God, your life will be a never ending quest for the acquisition of stuff and the approval of men.  But when your life is based solely on your pursuit of God and the plans He made for you before the world began, God will see to it that you have all the things you need to accomplish His will and He will open the door to all the people you need in the process as well.  Simply put, if you pursue God, He will see to it that everything and everyone you need pursues you! God is enough!


Closing Confession:  

Father, this is a season of expectation for me.  I believe what You believe. I live by Your standard.  I stand on Your Word. I am not ashamed of You or Your Word.  People who mock You will mock me. I am okay with that. I shall not be moved.  Their poison cannot stop my purpose and they surely cannot stop You. So Father, I rest in You, trust in You, believe in You, and live by every Word you speak to me.  You are enough. And when I am ready to go to sleep, I meditate and medicate on Your promises towards me. I doze off into sleep thinking about all the things You have called me to do.  As I do, You see it to that my sleep is sweet, my dreams are infused with Your desires, and my rest is supernatural. So when I get up, like I got up this morning, I am restored, rested, rejuvenated and ready to maximize my purpose and potential!  I declare this by faith. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!


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