Eternity and Multi-Generational Blessing

by Rick

Today we continue our series entitled, “Back to the Bible,” with Part 30.  We have been looking at Psalm 119.  Let’s continue to walk through this amazing psalm.  Today we will look at verses 89 and 90 from The Passion Bible Translation.


David said:

(v.89)  Standing firm in the heavens and fastened to eternity is the word of God.

(v,90)  Your faithfulness flows from one generation to the next; all that you created sits firmly in place to testify of you.


So what does this mean to you today?  A few things.


1.  God’s Word is eternal.  David said, “Standing firm in the heavens and fastened to eternity is the word of God.”  (Psalm 119:89 TPT)

a)  It’s hard for humans who live within the continuum of time and space to wrap our minds around the fact that God is confined by neither.  I cannot give you a grid coordinate that can pinpoint where God is, because there is no grid coordinate where He is not. God is everywhere at the same time.  Likewise, our eternal God is outside of time and from eternity, it is as if He is in every time at the same time. This is the context from David gives us perspective of God’s Word.  David tells us that God’s Word is actually connected to and anchored in eternity, not time. This is why heaven and earth will pass away before God’s Word does. God’s Word originated in heaven.  Heaven is eternal. Heaven is not limited by the continuum of time or space. So when God gives you a Word, He can bring that Word to pass without any regard for the limits of time or space. Simply put, God is not limited by the things that limit us.  This is why we must get to the point where we open our heart to believe and receive from a God of no limits, and where we truly expect His limitless power to flow through us.

b)  There are promises with men that expire.  Humans can say one thing and truly mean it, but then change their minds later and mean something else.  God is not a human. He will not change His mind. If He said it, He will perform it. If He promised it, He will make it good (Numbers 23:19).  This is why God’s call on your life will not change due to your performance or lack of performance. God already knew all the mistakes you were going to make and He called you anyway.  As a matter of fact, God called you from the foundations of the world, before you every took on breath. So His call was not based on your performance. You did not qualify for it. So how can you disqualify yourself from something you never qualified for in the first place?  This is why the Bible says, “God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.” (Rom 11:29).  When God gives you a promise, know that the promise is standing firm in heaven, in eternity, and it will not change.  No matter how long it takes, when the fullness of time comes, God’s promise SHALL come to pass in your life.

c)  Circumstances change, conditions change, people change and you will change, but God’s Word will stand forever.  God and His Word are true constants in the midst of a myriad of variables.


2.  Multigenerational blessing.  David said, “Your faithfulness flows from one generation to the next; all that you created sits firmly in place to testify of you.”  (Psalm 119:90 TPT)

a)  When God looks at you He does not just see you, He sees your children and your children’s children.  When God blesses you He is looking to do something that will impact your bloodline.

b)  Both blessings and cursings can be passed on to the second and third generation.  There are things (both good and bad) that you were predisposed to when you were born, because of the decisions and actions of your parents and grandparents.  Those things that are good, you want to continue. Those that are not, you want to end with you. The decisions you make can either perpetuate and stem-off a blessing or a curse that was passed down to you.  The curses you want to stop. The blessings you want to continue. Either way, the point is that God is multi-generational. Your decisions and actions will outlive you, so choose wisely.

c)  God is too big of a God and the assignment on your life is too big of an assignment for your God to be focused on JUST YOU.  When God deals with you He is laying the foundation for your children and their children. Consider that as you make decisions.


Closing Confession:  

Father, this is a season of expectation for me.  I know Your Word is eternal. Heaven and earth will pass away, but Your Word will not.  This is why I live by every Word You speak to me. When you give me a promise, I know You will not change Your mind and I know it will come pass in the fullness of time.  So I hold on, I believe You, and I continue to believe until I SEE in my hands what I already SAW in my heart. I rest in knowing that You will never change. And when You deal with me, You are looking to impact me, my children, and my children’s children.  So I open my heart to multi-generational blessings and multi-generational favor. I declare that my seed and my seed’s seed is blessed! I declare this by faith. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!


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