Committed For the Long Haul

by Rick

(Read 1 Samuel 18:8-11)


This morning I continue our series entitled, “Standing on a Word from God.”  This is Part 58 of the series and Part 30 of the life of David.  


Yesterday we learned that Saul allowed the green-eyed monster of jealousy to develop a stronghold in his heart when he heard Israelite women singing about David’s exploits.  All David did was kill one man, but the people attributed more confirmed-kills to David than to Saul. Saul could have, and should have, laughed it off.  What did the ladies know anyway?  But Saul did not laugh it off. He allowed what the women said to alter his opinion and perspective of David.  David had done nothing wrong to Saul. But Saul immediately developed bitterness in his heart toward David.


The very next day a tormenting spirit overwhelmed Saul.  This was not new. It had been happening since Saul disobeyed God.  In the past Saul would call for David and ask David to play his harp.  David’s anointed music was the only thing that could bring the king peace.  However, now that David was “the people’s favorite,” Saul’s inner insecurities would not allow him to summons David.  So Saul attempted to deal with the tormenting spirit without David’s music.  Sure enough, it did not work. Saul got to the point where he was running around the palace like a raving madman.  David saw what was happening, and since he had no issue with Saul, David went, got the harp, and started playing. However, Saul’s bitterness toward David was so strong that it made the harp playing ineffective.  King Saul had a spear in his hand while he was going crazy.  In his rage he hurled the spear at David. He wanted to pin David to the wall.  Thankfully David escaped the attack.  


Let’s look at this from David’s perspective.  David went from obscurity to national hero overnight.  One day he was delivering lunch for his big brothers and the next day he was living in the palace.  And on his way to the palace spontaneous crowds erupted in his honor and his trip took on a parade-like atmosphere.  People David did not know were calling his name and making up songs to honor his exploits.  The prophet came to town, spoke a few words, placed a few drops of oil on his head, and now, less than two months later, it seemed like it was working.  Whatever the prophet did, it initiated a move of God in his life that would change it forever. The only problem was Saul. David had done nothing wrong to Saul, but all of a sudden, the king who used to love him and his harp playing, was attempting to kill him.


David did not ask for any of this.  It was all part of his divine purpose.  It was part of God’s predestined plan for his life.  Guess what? The same happens in your life. When you open your heart to God’s plan things will start happening in your favor, but there will also be people who rise up against you, simply because you are being who God called you to be.


So what does this mean to you today?  A few things:


  1.  Be secure in who God made you to be.  Saul was insecure and his insecurity led to envy, strife, and turmoil.


  1.  Never let success get to your head.  David did not allow the sudden fame to usher him over into pride.  This is actually somewhat impressive. David was only a teenager and he was a national hero.  But he resisted the urge to be prideful. I believe it was because David knew God was doing it for him.  David was experiencing success by grace and that realization kept him humble.  When God graces you to succeed, never allow pride to get a grip of your heart.  Pride will stifle the flow of grace and you will quickly find yourself outside of the will of God.  


  1.  Trouble seems to follow triumph.  When God blesses you richly, don’t think the devil is just going to sit around and be happy about it.  Satan will do everything he can to steal, kill, or destroy what God is doing in your life. The good news is that he can’t.  When God’s grace is on your life the enemy can try all he wants, but his attempts will always fail.  So keep your trust in God and don’t be surprised when the enemy raises his ugly head with trouble after a triumph.  If you remain humble, confident, and focused on your divine assignment, you the Father will bless you to trouble your trouble and not to be troubled by it.


  1.  To walk with God you must be committed for the long haul.  There are things you are called to do what will not happen for months, years or decades.  You must take the long-approach with God. There will be times and seasons where everything seems to be going right.  There will be others when you will face trouble, obstacles and fierce opposition. People who love you today may turn on you tomorrow.  People may change, circumstances may change, and the way you thought things were going to work out may significantly change. But in the end, you must be committed to God NO MATTER WHAT!  Come what may, if you keep your eyes and your heart fixed and focused on Jesus, you will arrive at God’s overall expected end for your life.  And the best part is, you will enjoy the journey as you make Kingdom impact along the way.  


Closing Confession:  

Father, I thank You for this teaching.  I know who I am. More importantly, I know whose I am.  I rest in who You have made me to be. I will not allow jealousy to ever get a grip of my heart.  You may not have given me what You gave others, but You also did not give others what You gave me.  I walk in the grace You have placed on my life, and I rest in it. I know I am NOT a self-made man/woman.  I am who I am by Your grace and I will never forget it. The realization of Your grace on my life keeps me humble and dependent on You.  And lastly Father, I know that trouble may follow the many triumphs You have destined me to experience. I will not allow the trouble to trouble me.  I trouble my trouble by keeping my eyes stayed on You! I am in it for the long haul. Come what may, I shall not be moved! I declare this by faith. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


This is Today’s Word!  Apply it and Prosper.


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