Praying For Our Nation (National Day of Prayer)

by Rick

Today is the National Day of Prayer in the United States.  I feel led to deviate from our current series to share a message on prayer.


The National Day of Prayer Task Force is praying for UNITY today.  They have asked us to consider Ephesians 4:3 today as we pray. In this verse the Apostle Paul said, “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”


Today I will share a few quick thoughts on prayer and then share a prayer that I am asking you to pray.


Back in January I taught a series on The Benefits of Prayer and Fasting.  Here are few golden nuggets from that series:


  1.  Heaven wants to invade the earth.  This happens through humans. It happens when humans pray for God’s Kingdom to come and for His will to be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.


  1.  God’s initial (and still His ultimate) goal is for the earth to look like heaven.  God is likened to a king and this planet was supposed to be a colony of heaven. A colony is supposed to take on the culture of the mother kingdom.  This is why we will pray for UNITY today. Heaven is unified, so we can pray for God’s will to be done ON EARTH… AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!


  1.  Think “Kingdom” and not “church.”  Far too many Christians are comfortable living church-minded.  They go to church twice a week, they perform their duties, give an offering, and then go about their merry way.   Jesus did not come to establish a church, He came to establish a Kingdom! Jesus left us behind to continue what He started.  We are the ones who are supposed to reach the world for God. We are supposed to expand God’s Kingdom influence on this planet.  To do this we need God. And to get God involved in our situations WE MUST PRAY!


  1.  God has given us the grace to affect (with effects and influence) the people of this world and the systems of this world.  But we cannot do it without God and He [most of the time] will not move unless we invite Him to. We do this through prayer.


  1.  Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference.  Prayer is how the earth comes in agreement and alignment with heaven.  Prayer is man exercising his legal authority in the earth to invoke heaven’s influence on the planet.


  1.  Prayer was (and is) God‘s idea.  Prayer is something God instituted!  Prayer is not optional in God’s system.  Our heavenly Father requires us to pray, because prayer is how the earth agrees with heaven and invokes heaven’s influence on this planet.


  1.  Prayer is how you welcome God’s involvement in any given situation.  Prayer is how you activate and release God’s power on this planet.


With that, let’s pray.


Prayer for UNITY in the United States of America:


Father, I come to You this morning with boldness and confidence.  My confidence is not rooted in me. It is rooted in the fact that I am IN YOU!  I am able to come to You directly, in the name of Your Son, my Savior, Jesus the Christ, and I know You hear me when I pray.


I release my faith this morning with believers all over the United States and all over the world.  We pray for UNITY in these United States of America. We pray that Americans would come together in a way that far exceeds anything natural to this world.  That Your peace, Your power, Your presence, and Your love would be poured out in our hearts afresh, to the point where it ignites a revival and Spiritual Awakening in this great land.  


We pray for racial reconciliation, for the healing of hearts, and for an openness to come together as ONE.  May the citizens of the United States honor one another, respect one another, love one another, and live peaceably with each other.  We pray for peace between our citizens and law enforcement officials. We pray for protection on both sides and that Your power will prevail in moving us forward in a way that is safe, humane, respectful and Godly.


We lift up our President, the Supreme Court, judges all over the land, the Senate and House of Representatives, and every elected and appointed government official at both the federal and state levels.  May Your wisdom guide them. May You protect and shield them from all harm. May You raise up the Godly people that You have planted around them and use Your people as agents of Supernatural change. May the believers who have influence with these officials be led of You in all things.  May You give them the words and may You perform the work in their lives, to the point where our government is influenced by Your Kingdom.


We lift up our military.  We pray for the Pentagon and ever leader at ever level across the world.  We pray for every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine and Civilian deployed today, at this moment, in harm’s way, in defense of this great nation.  May You shield and protect them from all harm. You give and WE GIVE angels charge over them, to keep them in all their ways. We declare that in their pathway is LIFE and there is no death.  May You bring them home safely and quickly. We pray for their families while they are away. May You protect spouses and children, and shield their hearts and minds from any psychological harm.


Lastly Father, we pray for the church in the United States.  We pray that we would be ONE. Even as Jesus was ONE with You, that we would be ONE with each other.  May the church be the example of UNITY this nation is looking for. And may our example influence our nation to be ONE!


Thank You Father for having blessed these United States and we ask You to continue to do so!  


We pray this by faith.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!


This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!


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