Greater Is Coming (Pt.70) The Importance of Attitude

by Rick

Today I will continue with “Faith and Patience Volume 5 – Greater is Coming!”  Instead of walking through another Biblical passage about David’s life, since it’s Friday, let’s think about what we have learned this week.

As we walked through David’s life this week, we got to see him maintaining his integrity while he waited on God’s timing, we saw him fight to take possession of what God had destined him to have, we learned that it took about 20 years for what the prophet Samuel said to a teenage David to come to pass, and we learned that when it was all said and done, David was in position as King of Israel for the sake of the people.  When you consider all David endured on the path to becoming King of Israel, I think it is safe to say that many people would have given up.  But David did not.  He operated in steadfast patience, he refused to violate his integrity, he never did anything wrong to Saul (even though he had chances to), and he even honored Saul while Saul was dishonoring him.  We can learn a lot from David’s attitude.

Everything David endured during the 20-year-rollercoaster period between the day Samuel visited his home in Bethlehem and the day he took the throne in Jerusalem helped prepare him for his assignment as King of Israel.  I am not saying that God did all the bad things that happened to David, as if He needed bad things to happen to prepare David.  No, I am convinced that God can prepare us without the bad things.  However, I am saying that many factors contributed to what David experienced.  David’s decisions mattered, the decisions of Saul and others related to David’s life mattered, and the desires of both God and satan impacted David’s life too.  But my point is that God knew, from the foundations of the world, what would happen.  So while God did not cause it all to happen, He used it all to help prepare David for his assignment as King of Israel.  After all the preparation and processing, God was able to use David to BE a blessing to the people of His chosen nation.

So what does this mean for you today?  A few quick nuggets:

1.  God does not do everything that happens to you, but He knew it would happen.  Since He already knew what would happen before it happened, He made plans for it to work in your favor.  God can take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for your good.

2.  Everything that happens to you, good or bad, can help prepare you for your life’s assignment.  Everything David went through in the period between the prophet anointing him in his home and he actually becoming the King of Israel (20 years later), helped prepare him for his assignment.  So while you are waiting on God to do what He said He would do in your life, and while you think you are suffering while you wait, just remember that God is not punishing you.  He is processing you for your purpose.  When you are done with the processing, God is free to release what He said.  If He releases it before the processing is complete, you may not be able to carry the weight of the anointing associated with the assignment.

3.  Your life experiences help make you who you are.  They won’t always be pleasant, but if you keep the proper perspective (of what you are facing) and attitude (while you face it), you will discover God and His purpose in every situation. 

4.  Your life is more significant than simply the pursuit of your comfort.  The Lord wants to make Kingdom-impact through you.  Often, for God to do that, He has to push you out of your comfort zone.  So get comfortable with a certain level of discomfort because that is the only way you will maximize your purpose and potential while you are in the land of the living.  

5.  If you keep the proper attitude, you will be able to enjoy the ride.  God does not want you to be saved and miserably saved.  He wants you to go to heaven, but He also wants you to enjoy your time on the earth.  This does not mean your life will be easy.  It just means that if you get intimate with the Holy Spirit, when storms come (and they will come), you will keep your eyes fixed and focused on Jesus in the middle of the storms.  If you do, you can be riding out a storm and dancing in the rain as you do it!  Attitude is everything!

6.  If you maintain the right attitude, you will hold on long enough to receive what God said.  When you do, please take some time to reflect on what you have been through.  Yesterday we looked at the following scripture, and I feel led to go back to it today.

(2 Samuel 5:12)

David realized that the LORD had confirmed him as King over Israel and had blessed his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel.

Here are a few things I am led to say about this:

— David looked back and realized God’s hand was on his life the entire time.  This type of reflection truly helps us (it actually empowers us), as we look to open our hearts to the next chapter of our lives.

— David realized that everything he went through was for others.  He realized that his life’s assignment was to serve the people of Israel.  When you realize that your life is bigger than just YOU and your comfort, life takes on another level of meaning because you know your actions have eternal significance.

— David realized the Lord Himself confirmed him as King of Israel.  Said another way, David reflected on his life — going from an unknown shepherd boy to the King of the greatest nation in his region — and he knew God’s hand was on him.  The elders of Israel may have appointed him as King, but the greatest CONFIRMATION came from God Himself.  I know what this feels like.  When you know you are CONFIRMED by God, it really does not matter what other people think or feel about you.  You can appreciate them, and even consider their opinions from time to time, but your greatest CONFIRMATION comes from the God who made you!

Declaration of Faith:

Father, I thank You for Your overwhelming goodness, kindness, mercy, and grace towards me.  I give You Praise IN all things, for this is Your will for me.  Even when I can’t thank You FOR it, I will thank You IN it.  I look unto You as both the author and finisher of my faith.  You keep me in perfect peace because my eyes are stayed on You, and I trust You.  You deliver me from the hand of the enemy.  No weapon formed against me is able to prosper.  I know I will experience unpleasant things in life.  And I know everything I go through did not come from You.  But even though You may not have done it, You knew it would happen before it happened, and You prepared me for it.  Further, Father, You are able to take the not-so-good things that happen to me and turn them around for my good.  I declare what You have already decreed, and that is: “All things work together for my good,” because I love You, Lord, and I am called according to Your purpose.  All my life experiences are helping to prepare me for my life-assignment.  I may not like everything I experience, but I go through the experience with my eyes stayed on You, knowing that You are not punishing me… You are processing me for my purpose!  And when it is all said and done, you will BLESS me and CONFIRM me in a way that no one else’s opinions will matter.  So I may go through storms now, but I will dance in the rain as I do.  Because I know GREATER IS COMING FOR ME!  I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!

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