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by Rick

I am eternally thankful to God for using me to share His Word all over the world weekly.  I know that God has anointed me to do this and I know that He has connected me with all those on the ‘Today’s Word’ list.  God has given me to them and given them to me.  If you are on the list, I want you to know that I pray for you and am thankful to God for you.  You are special to me and I pray that the Lord continue to speak to you through this ministry.

Many of you have emailed me many testimonies over the years.  I just recently started saving them and wanted to share a few via this forum.  Thank you for encouraging me to continue to be an encouragement.  This is what you have said:


With respect to your Victory over Stress series:  The word is so amazing and illuminating when the teacher is anoited. I can’t speak for your other readers, but Tracy and I are getting so much out of the stress series. Thanks for allowing God to use you as the vessel to move our ship of faith from the port of doubt, to the ocean of belief.

You took a powerful contextual turn within the series. I can’t describe the visual that you provided into the psyche of satan–and his desires of us; into Jarius–and his mental condition after the news, coupled with the recommendation to essentially tell Jesus never mind: into Christ, who told Jarius hold your tongue Brother and be not afraid–I’ve got this if only you believe; and of course into God the Father who’s orchestrating all so that His will aligns with the faith of all the aforementioned. Powerful is what you call prayer, faith, and performance. We generally miss the nexus between prayer and performance–the faith and belief that God can and will give us the desires of our heart in accordance with His will.

Moreover, the posse, if you will, who followed Christ and how He tailored it to meet not only the immediate task at hand, but also the legacy of those decisions is a lesson in and of itself.

—  Barrye, Fort Knox, FY

Today’s Word has had a major impact on my life and my Christian walk.  Each morning I look forward to clicking on that email in anticipation of what the Lord is going to say.  Before I read each day, I ask God to speak to me through His Word and through Rick’s commentary, and He always does.  One morning, during the recent Victory Over Stress series, I particularly needed a word from God.  Events from the workday before had caused me to make the statement, “I can’t handle this!”    That morning I clicked open the devotion, and the title read, “You can handle it.”  Amazing!  This devotion is simple yet thought-provoking, short yet powerful…it makes my quiet time with God each morning easy but life-changing.  I am so thankful for Rick and how God has anointed him.  He lives what he teaches, and God is using his faithfulness to impact my life and the lives of so many others. His tireless efforts and devotion to fulfilling his purpose have made and continue to make an eternal difference.

—  Lori, Tampa, FL

From our first encounter in Bosnia in 1998 I have admired Rick almost beyond words but I am a preacher so I do have a few more words! I was given oversight of the Gospel Congregation when I arrived. What an experience! For the first time I heard new songs sung with unparalleled expression.

One young man soon caught my attention and eventually my respect and admiration; that young man was Rick Pina.

At that point Rick was still young in the faith; saved for less than five years. However, his maturity in Christ was far beyond a toddler, beyond a teenager and beyond most adults. We worshiped together, we served together, we prayed together, we laughed together, and we learned together. I was the chaplain, Rick was the WO1 but more often he was the teacher, I was his student. I listened, I learned. I gained, I grew. I thank the Lord for our friendship, our relationship as father and son!

The Gospel Congregation was the most highly attended service on Eagle Base. In early 1999, just before I returned to the states I appointed Rick as the Pastor of the congregation; a post he honored with Godly service.

Rich has matured in his faith and shares the fruit of his study by means of Today’s Word. Rick writes with clarity and boldness. His daily expositions are pointed, principled, and powerful. Today’s Word allows us to look over his should and even into his heart as he shares with us his daily time with the Lord.

Upon behalf of all those who read Today’s Word—thank you Rick for being the choice servant that God as made you. Thank you Rick for the privilege it is to call you, “Son.”

—  Chaplain (COL) Allen D. Ferry, New York, Army National Guard (Retired)

Greetings everyone in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. I would just like to take the time and share a few words about the tireless effort Rick puts into these message on today’s word and what they mean to me. First off, I admire Rick’s dedication to today’s word. Truly it is an inspiration to all of us and an example we should all follow if we are to me more like Christ. See Rick is in the military (as his readers already know) and there are many times Rick has to wake up sometimes even 3 o’clock in the morning if not earlier to get today’s word out to everybody. Secondly, with him traveling all the time he is always dedicated to get this word out. Whether it be in Iraq, Germany, or many hotels he stays at in his travels, he is always faithful to get out this word. That is a lesson for all of us to emulate. What an example!

I remember Rick telling me one time the reason why he does all this he said, “If I make time for God, God will make time for me”. I have never forgotten that message and I use it in my daily life today. You see, I’m, also in the military and I to have to wake up very early. But before I go to PT and do my military work, I wake up every morning (during weekdays) at 4:30am. Why? So I can pray, read my Bible and read today’s word every day before my day even starts. I seek the Lord early in the morning before everything else in my day. That is a standard that I thank God for and wish to pass on to generations after me. Thank God for Rick and the ministry God has given him. Thank God for today’s word. Bless everyone.

—  Joe, Hawaii

I have known Rick Pina since 1997.  I know him to be a son of the most High God and a Man of God among God’s People.  Rick, the man, is an awesome Husband, respected Father, and imitated Brother and committed Son. Rick, the man of God, is a mentor, teacher, educator, drum major, icon, leader, role model, and much, much more.  He is a man in whom God has entrusted with His Word, and has given him a charge, to proclaim it to a dying and decaying world.  He has accepted that charge, and has become an instrument of righteousness in America and abroad.  Elder Pina is a priest of God, who is able to bring God to the people and bring the people to God, through the Word of God.  I love and admire the gift that is in him, because he has one foot in heaven and one foot in the earth.  In other words, Elder Pina, makes God’s Word relevant for life and relevant for living.

—  Adam, Memphis, TN

Today’s word has been a tremendous blessing in both me and my wife’s lives.  On a day-to-day basis Pastor Pina has ministered to the very soul of our being.  Today’s Word has given us new meaning of God’s WORD with a simplicity that only God’s man could have the understanding to provide.  Many times the enemy has been on our trail and was unable to consume me because just in the right moment of time the Lord would give us what we needed to see the Storm from his perspective.  Many times all I could see was the lightening and the rain or the elements brought on by my storm but when I arose to read my morning starter (Today’s Word) the Lord was showing us that he cared through the message given to Pastor Pina.  Many many things can be said of Today’s Word, however thank you rings loudest, from the bottom of my heart!  We love you.

— Steve, Lacey, WA

Elder Pina,

I truly say, “To God Be The Glory” for you and Today’s Word.  This Today’s Word Ministry has been such as Blessing to me and my son.  I send this out to him everyday and he was so inspired by the “Warrior Spirit” teachings.

I was so Blessed by the lesson just THIS MORNING……I mean less than an hour into my work day I was under satans attack.  Well, Thanks Be to God for the Lesson to Pray for My Attackers.  I did, I prayed the prayer in the lesson today and Bless God He spoke to me and said, “she’s upset because you are too happy.  I really rejoiced and teared up too.  I was even able to say to the person when I saw them again at the end of the day, “Good Night, see you tomorrow”.

Thanks so much for allowing God to use you to teach us.  Blessings to you and your family.

— Gail, Augusta, GA


Now, now…myself and I believe am not alone, can only say that I feel so blessed. The series of “Victory over stress” was a real blessing and and am in awe of the wisdom the almighty Lord has imparted in you pastor Rick.  My prayer is that he will open up the doors of heaven and let all manner of blessing pour in you and your family. Also, bless you with more wisdom and revelation that you may continue to be the blessing pastor you are to us.

God bless and we look forward to continue with the proverbs.

— Steve, Baghdad, Iraq

Pastor Rick,It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch. Just want you to know, through all the many struggles my family has been through over the past year, it’s been the “Word” that keeps me a float! :-) I share with everyone I can (and that will allow me to), the Word. You’ve not only blessed me year after year with God’s messages, but all who read it. Thanks for remaining obedient to Him through all I know you must be going through as well. Our God is an awesome God and Loves us beyond our own understanding. Your series on what we speak was GREAT!



—  Leslie, Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Rick,I have received so much Joy from the Holy Spirit Speaking through you from your Characteristics of God’s Love Teaching series. I try to live this list of God Characteristics (Agape) everyday . You explain them so well. God has Amplified this list in me… Now every waking moment is Ministry for me… through this teaching I can love my enemies, Do Good to them that hate me, Pray for them which despitefully me and persecute me… and more. And I firmly pray to do it. Rick your Teach from the Bible has made me a Ministry of Life for Jesus. I prepare everyday now to give a sermon with my life, what I speak to others, my actions toward them, how I do my work, etc… This series is paramount. We cannot live fruitful lives as Christian apart from the love of God.



—  Ronald, Houston, TX


Hello everyone I just want to encourage every reader to go out and tell people about this awesome website that has truly blessed my soul! I was informed of this website some while back and I have been blessed in my spirit each and everyday. I try to take heed to everything that is mentioned and share it with others that they may grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ. Elder Pina is a man after God’s own heart and you can rest assure that anything post is the truth and nothing but the truth so help us God. In my closing I ask that everyone go out and share the goodness with the lord and all he has done for you! God Bless and continue to lift me up in your prayers as I continue to pray for the blessings of God upon your life!

—  Comelia

Dearest Brother,
From the very beginning of our meeting more than 5 years ago — God used you to inspire me.

It has been so refreshing to see your diligence, discipline and great regard for studying and sharing the word of God so profoundly over the years.

From one Brooklynite to the next — I’m proud of what I can clearly see that God has done in your life and ministry. Thank you for sharing it with me and countless others who have been helped to grow closer to Christ through your own obedience. I firmly believe that the best is yet to come… May God’s choicest favor be yours.

—  Pastor Mel, Joshua House of Worship, San Antonio, TX

Dear Rick, I must confess and witness that your ministry has been a “balm to my thirsty spirit”. Every morning I read “Today’s Word” and during the day I listen to Joyce Meyer or Bishop T.D. Jakes. I have also listened recently to Stormy Omartian on the “Power of a Praying Woman”. GOD has been working tirelessly in my life. I see the results of GODS works because I am in tuned with them. GOD has always worked miracles in my life but, I see them now because I am listening and feeling for “His Will” to be done for me. I am believing GOD for miracles regarding how the people that I work with and for perceive and react to my actions and the things that I say. There are a handful of people that I know do not “like” me. Unfortunately, in the past I tried to do things that would change their mind. I have now given it up to GOD to work in the hearts and minds of those who feel ill will towards me. I have asked GOD to meter my mouth and mind so that I think ill against no man. He has done that. I have recently been able to go to meeting with these people, smile at them, have genuine conversations with them, conduct the government’s business and leave the meeting having accomplished my mission and still with no ill will toward any of those who “do not like me.”

A couple of days ago, you preached on “Your Preparation will show up in your Performance” I have done all of the preparation, now GOD is showing me the fruits of my labor. I am happy joyous and free. GOD has fulfilled all of my needs. My family is healthy, I enjoy my job, I am exactly where I am supposed to be, my family deals with finances rationally so that we have peace of mind, and I live comfortably.  I hope to remember this feeling for those times when I forget how I feel right now.




—  Tammra


I just want to say that I was having a problem getting into the word of God and the stories in the bible, but the other day I was reading the exact story about Joseph and him interpreting those dreams and doing great works for the Lord! When I came on your website and saw that today’s word was exactly what I was reading it inspired me to get into the word of God and not just meditate on the stand out scriptures I can do all things through Jesus Christ that strengthens me and so forth). Thank you so much for stepping out and doing the work of the Lord!God bless you and may God continue to bless you BEYOND all measures. You are a mighty man of God and its time people see and know that!

—  Cornelia

I just would like to thank God for you Rick (Today’s Word) that delivers power packed messages that I learn from and share with others. With real life examples, I am able to look at how each message applies to me, my family and my community as well as what God is saying which causing me to look at the man in the mirror to be a better son, Christian, husband and father. Thank you Rick for your Ministering messages as well as Congratulations to you and Isabella on your son (Joshua Benjamin Pina).

—  Christopher

My Beloved Brother and Sisters … I have been employed here in War College for almost three years… For the Past three years… I have been harassed and discriminated against due to my nationality, gender and race.  One of my friends from Virginia shared the “Today’s Word” by Ricardo Pina.  Since then I have been receiving and pondering the Today’s word.  There are a lot of times that the message seemed to be written especially for me.  I have learned so much from these messages.  Stories that I was not aware of made me understand how our world now is not so much different from the world then.  I look forward every morning on these messages and made my day start right as I face my hectic job and arrogant customers including abrasive bosses and rude co employees.  I read and pondered on these words and made sure “at least”  tried to apply it to my every day living… I am amazed of our Savior’s love that through these messages I can comprehend…  Now, nobody harasses and treated me bad.  Most of these people at work respects me and appreciate of all the things I do…  If I have not applied the Today’s word and digest it… perhaps… I will be in the same bad situation up to this time…  Brother and Sisters… our Heavenly Father and His begotten Son Lives!  If we will just stop and ponder and be diligent to hang on the “Iron Rod” meaning His word; the world will be so much better place to live.  The world was made for us to be tested and to understand who we really are (His daughter and sons) — we will always know the right path to take.  Also, it was by reading your “Today’s Word” every single morning gave me courage, strength, and learned to love those who persecuted and despised me — what so called our “enemies.”  It is by reading and pondering your messages and your translations that I was able to withstand the trials and grief that I experienced from the “instruments” of the adversary.  I always kept in mind that we only have one enemy — “Lucifer” and he uses the daughters and son of our Heavenly Father to stir us against each other so he may accomplish his only goal — Destruction of our Heavenly Father’s plan…  These things I say in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

—  Kathleen

Hello and good afternoon Pastor Pina,

All glory and honor to God the Father….I thank and praise God for you, sir. I have been receiving and reading Today’s Word for the past year and have been tremendously blessed by your many teachings.  Some days, it really hit home…Thank God for the inspiration and wisdom He has put in your belly & your divine impartation to the world.  Bringing the Good News to all the world….Thank you.

—  Jean


I just want to say that I praise God for you allowing Him to Use you.  I have been receiving Today’s Word for about 3 years now and it has extremely blessed me to see how it has grown in such a short time.  The website is beautiful and very professional.  It has the Anointing written all over it. I look forward to the next PodCast! May God continue to bless and keep you and further your ministry.

—  Lenieka


I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoy reading “Today’s Word”. A co-worker of mine forwarded me one of these messages last month because I was going though a difficult time in my life and I had asked her for prayer for me and my family. I immediately subscribed to receive the word daily and it has helped me immensely in my life and my present situation. God is helping me though this trial in my life through “Today’s Word” and for that I am forever grateful. Have a wonderfully blessed day and thank you again!

—  Jennifer




I just wanted to say thank you for the time you spend every day writing to us. I am grateful for you allowing God to use you and being genuine in your approach. I am ever grateful to know you and may the heavens smile upon you and all of the nations that will be sown into your bosom.

—  Jeremy


I just have to let you know (again) how much I am blessed by the Word you deliver to us, daily. I’ve shared with you in the past how I don’t start my day without the inspirations and encouragement you provide in your messages. I know you are not about impressing, or lifting self up for gratification. I also know your messages are to encourage the souls of God and to help us press on through our daily struggles, and you do just that! I consider you my “internet” Pastor. Thank you for helping me to identify with my short comings by consistently directing me to God’s word and learning to be obedient to His will for me. We all tend to run from the help that will do us the most good. I’m convinced it’s because we feel unworthy. Again you have helped me to realize, that is not at all how God sees us. God sacrificed His only son’s life that I might have eternal life with Him. I am grateful I understand just what that means for me. There is no love on this earth that can ever compare to that. The most awesome part is I receive it freely as His gift to me! He gives me His grace and mercies fresh and new everyday. I am learning to accept His gifts and Praise Him for them. God bless you brother!–  Leslie (has been receiving Today’s Word since 1998)




I thank God for how He’s using you, I have grown in leaps and bounds studying the Todays Word. I started a phone bible study in January using your study and I was never one who would pray aloud in a group, but I am now closing our study in prayer. To God be the glory! God Bless you and your family.

—  Mary Louise (has been receiving Today’s Word for one year)


I’ve been blessed by the Word that God speaks through you for years. I know you, so I know that the Word you share is true, heartfelt and sincere. Thank you for everything you do. May God prosper you in all things!

—  Lori (has been receiving Today’s Word since 1998)


A co-worker started sending me your daily messages about 10 months ago and they have truly been a BLESSING in my life!!!!! My daughter is going through a lot of life changes at the moment – she is 19 and very, very confused and has made very bad choices – but, by the grace of GOD and countless prayers by a countless number of people – she is starting to come around —- some — slowly — but coming around. Her situation has not only been terrible for her, but has caused GREAT chaos and turmoil in the family also – especially with her grandmother and my marriage. By the grace of GOD both are still in-tact. Reflecting on your messages (along with reading the bible, prayer time, the Rosary, etc..) has helped me greatly – especially in the area in trusting GOD, having faith in GOD, nothing is impossible with GOD, faith/trust cancels fear…. All I can say is Thank You and may GOD bless you for your ministry.

—  Barbara


Thank you so very much for this week words of inspiration.  I am new to your daily email group but I am blessed beyond belief, I had been struggling with a love one’s situation.  I am the only one that has not given hope that he can get clean.  He made the first step last week that I prayed for him.  He made the phone call and he will get help.  I know people say I am stupid and they say I am wasting my time by helping him, but Mr. Pina Jesus believed in me and sacrificed his life to prove it.  I know that God sent me to your website last week , so that I could know that God has all power. Through Sarah and Abram’s journey I have gained strength.  I put my trust God, not in my friend , or the critics.

—  Angela


I just wanted to personally thank you for the daily word, you are doing a great work and I thank God for you.  Your work definitely touches my life, I am a Christian and actively involved in my church, your word enlightens and strengthens me, increases my prayer life and encourages my daily bible reading.  Happy New Year and continue in the Lord.

—  Everleen

Brother, Pastor, Man of God,
I just wanted to drop a few lines to continue to encourage you in your BLESSED Ministry. My spirit is truly fed when I read the AWESOME word of God as God gives it to you DAILY. This keeps me going. My friends are all blessed by the WORD OF GOD EVERYDAY. Keep on letting God use you. We know that God is the Word and the Word is living on the inside of the Born again believers. Have a Blessed day IN JESUS NAME.

—  Sabrina

I thank God for your the word of knowledge and wisdom God has given you. I look forward to receiving the word of God everyday. I have been taught quite a bit everyday. Please keep up the good work. Continue to let God use you in every area of your life. My friends and I have been better than blessed from Today’s word. May our Dear Lord and Savior open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing where you won’t have room enough to receive.  Thank you.

—  Sabrina


I am very glad I joined your mailing list- ever since I joined the word has been on point every time.  Thank you for sharing what God has given you for this time.

Be Blessed!

—  Nikki

Hallelujah! Today’s word was awesome. The Holy Ghost sang out to me while I read this today and I realize that YES I am royalty and as such I have responsibilities and BENEFITS!!  Praise the Lord and keep up this blessed work!

—  Jesse

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful messages!  I don’t know how I got in your email address book, but I’m glad I did.  Often, your daily messages meet me when and where I’m in the most need. (I receive them at work, where I am very challenged, almost daily, to let my light shine.)  There’s nothing like hearing from God just when you need to. I have been blessed, and I always forward your messages to bless someone else.  May God prosper you in this wonderful ministry!

—  Camille

My brother,

Thank you for this message this morning, Today, it ministered to my spirit. I read it daily and are inspired but today I was really uplifted. Thanks for allowing God to continue to use you.

—  Climmie


You have no idea what a blessing Today’s Word is.   I’ve been praying for a breakthrough – – for God to show me what He wants of me…..   How I can serve Him.   This just reaffirms that I need to keep praying and He’ll show me in His time.Thanks!!!!    Awesome message (once again).



—  Brett

Thanks Rick,

It already has been a blessing and continues to be! Stay encouraged my Brother in Christ and keep sending out Today’s Word! Folks are being blessed, healed, inspired, encouraged, delivered, convicted and drawn to Christ by this awesome ministry!

—  Tyrun

I just want you to know that what you’re doing is a blessing to me, as well as others, I’m sure.  Being a baby in Christ and having the resources and the daily Word helps me a lot in my life.  I appreciate your e-mail ministry… for we know how busy our lives get sometimes. This makes it inevitable to read it, think about it, learn it, and reflect on it.  I thank God everyday when I read the daily messages that I’m able to get his Word through your ministry each waking day.

Thanks for your time and attention and God Bless You!

—  Leslie

I just want to let you know that I bless God for what you are doing. This word is absolutely awesome and it is blessing people onboard our ship (the USS George Washington CVN 73) everyday. I pray that God will continue to use you and bless your Ministry, you are a Mighty Man of God.

—  Min. Davis

My brother,
I would like to thank you for all the emails you have sent to me…  Through the leadership the Holy Spirit has ordained you for, I have been privileged to learn many things… The email you sent me about the revelations of God (Jer 33:3) was very inspirational… For we all are searching for things… His Word says we perish with a lack of vision… So thank you for being used my brother to enhance my understanding, that through faith, much more things are possible… It was interesting, I never thought about it that way, you say in many emails we must take our claim on this inheritance and the benefits that come along with it… I would have to agree… Yet I never looked at it this way!!!

God bless you brother, and may the Lord continue to use you for His purposes…

Live well my brother, and march on for Jesus,



—  Christopher

It’s been a pure blessing reading the word for the day in this your latest series.  Stay before the Lord as He continues to take you deeper; May He increase much favor your way.

—  Mel

Logging on to your site and receiving the Today’s Word is a tremendous step in allowing me to know God more (as this has been my every day prayer – thank you once again for allowing God to use you).

Thank you




—  Felicia

I pray and believe God is still using YOU to do His will – to feed, lead, nurture and love His sheep!  Again I thank you for the prayers, your friendship and “TODAY’S WORD” …. it has added a deeper level to my life and spiritual growth.  I wish you an abundance of blessings and power over the enemy; I pray that God continues to strengthen you with wisdom and the spiritual sight to continue to do His will.

—  Felicia

This word is right on with issues we are dealing with in the group of teen boys that I mentor.  Of all the things that these young men have to deal with, the thing that vexes them most is their thought life and how “to take every thought captive to make it obedient to Jesus Christ.” Good words – I’ll be using them this week.Thanks – your brother in Christ!



—  Rich

Thank you for reminding me of this important truth.  I was walking around wondering what happened to my walk and where there peace was.  You have made it clear that this peace is in the Word of GOD.  Thank you for reminding me.

—  Stephen


Greetings my brother in the Wonderful and Fulfilling Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. First of all thank you for the sincerity and simplicity in which you tell the story and teach and explain the meaning of the Word in all your recent conveyances.  I know all the glory goes to God, but I just thank you for allowing Him to use you in such a manner.  I look forward in reading today’s word and just blessing the Lord.

Love ya My Brother

—  Bro Belcher


My brother,
This was a very inspiring message. Continue to allow God to use you in the type ministry.  I look forward and read it daily usually with coffee!!

—  Climmie

I wanted to e-mail you and thank you for allowing God to use you in more ways than you probably realize.  I have to speak with the youth on tomorrow and I wanted to do some teaching on the The importance of Names, thank you for your teaching series on your website knowing God through his Names.

Many Blessings!!

—  Steve