New Year – New Levels in 2021

by Rick

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I pray you had a great Christmas break and entrance into 2021.  I am truly excited about this year.  I know 2020 was a rough year for many, but 2020 is behind us.  We have crossed over into a new year, and I believe God is already doing new things in our lives.

To be clear, God is not tied to a calendar year.  He is not set to dates, and He is not moved by time.  But that does not mean that He cannot use calendar dates as “markers” of change.  There are times when God uses a CHANGE in the CALENDAR to announce a SHIFT in the SPIRIT.  I believe we are living in one of those moments.  As we were preparing for 2021, I believe heaven was preparing us for something NEW.

There are people I look up to who have heard heaven declare that 2021 will be a season of NEW LEVELS.  As I have been in prayer about this for the past couple of months, the Lord has confirmed this in my spirit.  I believe we will experience MULPTILE NEW LEVELS this year.

Today is the first message of the year.  I have so much to say, but I won’t try to say it all today.  I introduce you to what I believe the Lord is preparing us for.

So what does this mean for you today?  A few things.

1.  There are many components to your purpose.

a)  Your purpose is God’s WHY for your life.

— You are on this planet for a reason.  That reason is your divine purpose.

— God is completely intentional.  He sent you to this planet at just the right time to accomplish His plans and purposes.

b)  Your purpose is fixed.

— Your divine purpose was established before the world began.

— You cannot change or decide your purpose because God decided it before you were born.

c)  You live-out your overall divine purpose in smaller increments.

— God will not reveal the fulness of His purpose to you all at once.

— God gives you vision in increments.

— Vision is incremental and progressive.  It’s incremental because God gives you enough vision to be able to maximize the season you are in.  It’s progressive because the more you grow in Christ, the more vision you can handle, so the more God will release.

d)  God reveals and unfolds His purpose to us in times and seasons, levels and stages.

— There are portions of your life that can be characterized by increments or blocks of TIME.  

— Within these, there are seasons/cycles you must proceed through as you pursue your purpose.

— As you live out the blocks of time and the seasons/cycles associated with them, the goal is to make progress.

— Progress is measured in levels and stages.

— In this season, I believe God is saying that we have crossed over to NEW LEVELS.

— At the end of 2021, you should be incrementally closer to God’s overall expected end for your life.

2.  Heaven announcing something and you walking in it are NOT the same thing.

a)  God has declared 2021 to be a season of NEW LEVELS.

— I believe God has announced it.

— We don’t have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

— God has DECLARED IT!

— Now it’s on us to seek God concerning how to WALK IN what He has already established.

b)  God’s children can miss out on what He is doing if they fail to operate in faith.

— Hebrews 4:2 says, “Yes, the good news about it was told to us just as it was to them. But the message they heard did not help them. They heard it but did not accept it with faith.”

— Everyone heard the same message from heaven, but what heaven declared did not benefit those who failed to receive God’s words in faith.

c)  God provides grace, and we must provide the faith.

— When God reveals something to you, He is sharing with you what His will is.  The fact that He revealed it is evidence that He has already provided you the grace to walk in it.  However, while God provides the grace, we must provide the faith.

— God gives us everything freely, by grace.

— Grace is unearned, unmerited, and often undeserved.

— Our faith lays hold of what God has already provided by grace.

— If you are going to walk in the NEW LEVELS God is declaring, you will have to do so BY FAITH!

d)  Progress only happens on purpose.

— Far too many believers know they are called of God, but they are not intentional about pursuing and progressing through God’s purpose for their lives.

— Progress will not manifest by chance.  If you are going to make progress, you must be intentional.

— Don’t put your life on auto-pilot.  Stop thinking that everything that happens to you is God’s will.  NO!  Spend time in prayer, hear from heaven, and then pursue what heaven is saying by faith.  Be intentional about it.

This is enough for today since this is the first message of the year.

Tomorrow I will talk about how the first few days of 2021 should be a time of introspection.  I will also talk about the many areas of your life and how we should seek God concerning vision and goals in every area.

Get excited!

2021 is going to be an amazing year.  May it be the best year of your life!

Declaration of Faith:

Father, I openly declare what You have already decreed.  NEW LEVELS are HERE for us!

I open my heart to flow in the LEVELS of the Spirit You have ordained for this season.

As I walk with You into 2021 and am led by Your Spirit, You give me divine revelation.

I am able to SEE what You have already provided for me and my family.

As I READ YOUR WORD, You speak to me by Your Spirit.

As I spend TIME IN PRAYER, You reveal Your will with clarity.

As I MEDITATE and MEDICATE on Your written Word and the Words You have spoken to me, You flood my heart with divine light.  I am able to see the hope of Your calling for my life and the exceeding great riches that You have, in heavenly places, in Christ Jesus, FOR ME!

As I SEE what You reveal, I believe and receive it all in my heart.  I know it has to be real to me, ON THE INSIDE, before You manifest it, ON THE OUTSIDE!  

So I meditate on what You reveal until it becomes MORE REAL to me than what I see with my natural eyes.

As You reveal Your will to me for 2021, I keep reminding myself that You have already provided everything You reveal.  I am not working for it.  I am not striving to OBTAIN.  I simply RECEIVE and MAINTAIN what Jesus OBTAINED for me!  

You give me all things FREELY, by grace, and I lay hold of them with my faith.

This is how I will walk in the NEW LEVELS You have declared over my life in 2021.

I will receive INSIGHT from Your Word on a NEW LEVEL!

I will get downloads from heaven in PRAYER on a NEW LEVEL!

And I will walk by faith with a LEVEL of DIVINE CLARITY that I have never experienced before!

I go from LEVEL to LEVEL because I live from FAITH to FAITH!

I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!

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