We Can Withstand and Overcome Anything (Part 20) – Let’s Talk About The Importance Of Your Words

by Rick

Today I will do something a little different.  I had a conversation Friday afternoon with a couple of women who receive Today’s Word.  They were asking me about the series we are in, and I talked to them about the importance of your words.  The conversation truly ministered to them.  This morning, I will attempt to repeat that conversation with you.  So this will be a little bit different, but I believe it will be powerful, nonetheless.  

Instead of sharing all the scriptures we have been looking at, we will just look at one verse and then get into the message.

For days we have been looking at verse 13.  We will go back to it again today.

(2 Corinthians 4:13 TPT)

We have the same Spirit of faith that is described in the Scriptures when it says, “First I believed, then I spoke in faith.”  So we also first believe then speak in faith. 

I love to tell the story of what Jesus experienced in Mark chapter 4 and Mark chapter 5.  Jesus waited 30 years to start a 3.5-year ministry run.  During this run, He was busy every day.  He did not take Saturdays off.  He did whatever the Father led Him to do every day.  This particular day, which spans several chapters, is a day I like to look at from time to time. 

Mark 4 starts with Jesus teaching the famous Parable of the Sower.  This is “the mother of all parables.”  Jesus said, “If you cannot understand this parable, then you will not understand any parable.” 

Jesus went on to talk about a parable of a lampstand, a parable about growing seed, then the parable of mustard seed.  After Jesus was done with the parable of the mustard seed, Jesus was tired.  So Jesus told HIs disciples to get into a boat.  He said, “Let’s go to the other side.” 

When He got into the boat, Jesus went into the hinder part of the ship.  The Bible says that He fell asleep on a pillow.  He was sleeping good.  When the disciples (several of whom had spent years on the water) thought they were going to die, they woke Jesus up.  They said, “Master, don’t you care that we are about to die!”  By this point, the water was taking on water.  But Jesus was upset with them and said, “Why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?

Jesus was questioning their faith because He had already spoken.  Jesus only said what He heard the Father say.  So, when Jesus said, “We are going to the side,” then no matter what happened, they were going to the other side!  Remember the importance of your words.  Jesus spoke what He believed.  Jesus believed what the Father revealed, and He spoke in faith.  Come hell or high water, they were going to the other side.  Jesus had no concerns about getting to the other side.  The storm did not move Jesus.  Since they woke Him up, He used His words again.  Jesus spoke to the storm, and the storm stopped!

So Jesus gets to the other side.  When he gets there, there’s a demon-possessed man walking around amongst the tombs.  This is in the land of Gad and the demon-possessed man was walking around in the land of the Gadarenes.  This man is possessed with so many demons that the demons call themselves a legion.  Jesus was ready to cast ALL the demons out of the man.  How did Jesus do it?  You guessed it!  He used WORDS again!  Jesus said, “Come out of this man, you impure spirit!”  The demons went into a herd of swine.  The pigs then ran down into the water, and they drowned themselves. 

Jesus then got back into the boat and went back to the other side.  When the team arrived back on the side where they started in the morning, the crowd was still there waiting for Him.  As Jesus got off the boat, a man broke through the crowd and fell at Jesus’ feet.  His name was Jairus.  He was a ruler of the synagogue.  He said, “Master, my daughter is dying.  She is at the point of death, but if you would come and lay your hands on her, she shall recover, and she shall live.”

Remember, Jesus didn’t have to go to Jairus’ house.  Jairus could have spoken healing from the seashore.  But that’s NOT what Jairus said.  Jairus’ confession was, “Sir, I need you to come to my house, lay hands on my daughter.  And if you come to my house and lay hands on my daughter, she shall recover and she shall live.” 

If you remember the story of the Centurion and the Centurion’s servant, you will see my point.  Jesus was so used to being pulled by people to go here and to go there that when the Roman Centurion approached Jesus about his servant being sick, Jesus was ready to go to the Centurion’s house to heal him.  But the Roman Centurion surprised Jesus.  He said, “No!  I don’t need you to go. I just need you to say. I believe that your words have authority over sickness. So I need you to speak those words. I don’t have authority over sickness because if I did, I would speak at myself, but I believe you have authority over sickness, Mr. Jesus.  So if you speak the word only my servant will be healed.” 

The Roman Centurion believed what he spoke, and Jesus believed what He spoke when He said, “Go!  Your servant is healed.”  Jesus spoke healing, and the man’s servant was healed from that very moment.  

Let’s go back to Jairus.  Jesus could have spoken from the seashore, but that’s not what Jairus said.  Jesus is going to meet you at your level of faithGod is going to deal with you according to your own confession. You are speaking what you believe in your heart.  So based on your heart and your words, that’s how God is going to minister to you.  Since this man said, “Sir, I need you to come to my house and lay hands on my daughter.  Then she shall recover.  Then she shall live,” Jesus had to minister to him according to his own confession.  So Jesus says, okay, let’s go.  Jesus left with Jairus, and they started walking to his house.  The crowd followed (because church folk are nosey).

As they are going, there is someone else with a declaration of faith.  This time it’s a woman.  She has been bleeding for 12 long years.  She had spent all her money on doctors.  She did not get any better.  She got worse.  But since God is going to deal with you based on your declaration of faith, what she was SAYING is important.  

This woman kept saying, “If I can just touch Jesus’ garments, I shall be made whole!”  That was her confession.  That’s what she was saying.  Other people were touching Jesus.  But they didn’t have the same confession as this woman.  So they were touching Him, and nothing was happening.  This woman came and touched Jesus.  As soon as she did, the power of God left Jesus’s body and healed her.  JUST LIKE SHE SAID!

She had been bleeding for 12 years, and she was healed immediately.  Why?  Because that’s what she said!  She believed, therefore she spoke!  She spoke what she believed.  She kept saying, if I touch him, I shall be made whole, she touched him, and she was made whole.  Jesus then has a conversation with the woman.  While they spoke, Jairus’ daughter died.  Someone came up to Jairus and said, “Your daughter is dead.  Don’t bother Jesus anymore.”  Basically, the person was saying, “You can tell Jesus to stop.  He does not need to come anymore.”  

Now, what I’m about to say is absolutely critical. 

What caused Jesus to start moving in the direction of this home?  It was Jairus’ words.  Jairus spoke words of faith, and his words got Jesus to move.  He said, “Mr. Jesus, my daughter is dying.  She is at the point of death.  If you come to my house, you lay hands on her, she shall recover. And she shall live.”  That was his confession.  He spoke what he believed, and the confession was still good.  Jesus was still going off of that confession.  However, if Jairus said something else, something AGAINST what He had already spoken, then it could cause Jesus to STOP!

What caused Jesus to move towards the house?  Jairus’ words.  Would could cause Jesus to stop?  Jairus words!  If Jairus said to Jesus, “Do not come,” then Jesus would have to stop because God will never force Himself on you. If you tell God, “Don’t do it,” then God won’t do it because God will never overrule your own will.

So at that moment, when fear overtook Jairus’ heart, there was a danger for Jairus to speak OUT OF FEAR.  Thankfully, BEFORE Jairus spoke in fear, Jesus said, “Be not afraid.  Just keep on believing!”  Basically, Jesus was saying, listen, Jairus, if you can’t speak faith, don’t say anythingI would rather you keep your mouth shut than to speak a negative word.  Don’t you ever speak a negative word that will CANCEL OUT what you already spoke in faith!  

Jairus kept his mouth shut, so Jesus went off of the LAST WORD Jairus had said.  When they got to the house, there were people there mourning and crying over the little girl’s death.  Jesus said that she was not dead but just sleeping.  The people then started to laugh at Jesus.  Jesus kicked them out.  

At that moment, Jesus could have just spoken to the girl, but once again, He couldn’t because we have to remember what Jairus said.  What did Jairus say?  He said, “Mr. Jesus, if you would come to my house and lay hands on my daughter, she shall recover and she shall live.”  So when Jesus was at the house, He was ready to heal her, but He had not touched the girl yet.  Jesus had to literally walk over to the girl and lay his hands on the girl because that is exactly what Jairus said.  Jesus walked over, laid hands on her, and then spoke to the girl.  Jesus ministered to Jairus in accordance with his own confession

So let’s go back and recap.  The Roman Centurion got what he said, and he believed.  He spoke words of faith from a believing heart.  He believed that Jesus didn’t have to go.  All Jesus had to do was say, so Jesus said, and it came to pass.  Jairus believed that Jesus had to go all the way to his house, lay hands on his daughter, then she would recover and live.  So Jesus went all the way to his house, laid hands on his daughter.  Then she recovered, then she was able to live.  Along the way, the woman with the issue of blood got what she said.  She kept saying, “If I touch the hem of his garment, I shall be made whole.”  She touched the hem of his garment, and she was made whole.  I hope you see the importance of your words!  You are having what you say.  You may not acknowledge it.  You may not realize it, but every day you are having what you say your life is manifesting, what you are speaking. 

So what does this mean for you today?  I have already shared a great deal, but here are a few more quick nuggets.

1.  You are speaking words of faith from a believing heart every day.  Sometimes these are words that you believe and speak align with God.  So you get what God wants.  Sometimes you are speaking words that you believe that align with satan.  So you get what satan wants.  But either way, you are having what you say! 

2.  Your words are exposing to everybody on the outside what’s happening on the inside of your heart.  Since you’re speaking words that you believe, you have a manifestation of what you say each and every day.  

3.  Jesus spoke what He believed.  He spoke that they were going to the other side.  When the storm came, He was not moved.  He was sleeping, and He remained asleep.  When you truly believe what God reveals to you and speak what you believe, if you are not moved by what you see, you can have so much peace that you sleep through the storms of life.

4.  When you do have a storm, and the storm is disturbing you, you can speak to it.  Jesus was led to speak to the storm, and the storm obeyed His words.  What are you saying to the storms that are disturbing you?

5.  When you finally understand how important your words are, you get to the point where you NEVER speak a negative word over your life!  Your words are truly that important!

That’s enough for today.    

Declaration of Faith:  

Father, this is a season of LEVELING UP for me.  I LEVEL UP by speaking the language of faith daily.  I speak words I believe in my heart every day.  I now better understand the importance of speaking words from a believing heart.  Therefore, whenever I am battling thoughts of fear, doubt, or unbelief, I keep my mouth SHUT!  I never allow a negative word to proceed from out of my mouth.  If I can’t speak faith, then I won’t say anything.  But when I can speak the language of faith because my heart is full of what You are saying to me, I OPEN MY MOUTH and I boldly declare what You are decreeing over my life!  As I do, I know I will have what I say.  My life is manifesting what I believe and what I speak.  This is why I keep saying: GREATER IS COMING FOR ME!  I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

This is Today’s Word!  Apply it and Prosper.

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