Greater Is Coming (Pt.80) Mindset Matters

by Rick

(2 Sam 9:8 CEV)  

Mephibosheth knelt down again and said, “Why should you care about me? I’m worth no more than a dead dog.”

Today I will continue with “Faith and Patience Volume 5 – Greater is Coming!”  Let’s take a closer look at what Mephibosheth said to King David in yesterday’s message.  Even after the king told Mephibosheth that he would return all the properties of his grandfather Saul, and even after telling him that that he would once again be a guest at the King’s table, Mephibosheth said to the king, “Why should you care about me? I’m worth no more than a dead dog.”  This is one of the saddest lines in the Bible.  

Mephibosheth could not bring himself to accept what King David was saying.  He did not see himself as a person worthy of such treatment.  Many Christians today have the same issue.  They may not call themselves a “dead dog,” but they feel unworthy of the blessings and promises of God.  This is a major problem because if you can’t ‘see it,’ you will probably never ‘be it.’  That is why God spends so much time with us, helping us to see ourselves the ways He sees us, to believe what He believes about us.  Until we do, we will be resistant to God’s best.

Why would a person who was once heir to the throne make such a statement?  I believe it was because Mephibosheth was mentally disillusioned, spiritually distraught, and overall discontent with life.  By the time David offered him redemption and restoration, he was not in a position, spiritually or psychologically, to receive it.

Let’s think about how Mephibosheth got to this point.   Dr. I. V. Hilliard says that there are four main factors that shape our values and belief system.  Let’s take a look at the four and how they apply to Mephibosheth’s life:

1.  Social Environment:  

Mephibosheth was taken from the palace to live in Lo-debar.  I already stated that Lo-debar was a dry and barren place.  He went from a place of pleasure and plenty to a place of discomfort and lack.  There is no doubt that Mephibosheth was exposed to different conversations in Lo-debar than he was in the palace.  In the palace, he was told he was a prince with a bright future.  In the palace, he heard “Kingdom talk” of expansion, increase, and victory.  However, In Lo-debar, Mephibosheth was exposed to an environment of exhausted hope and dead dreams.  I am speculating, but I am sure the conversations there were about how bad things were and how bleak the future seemed.  I know we don’t like to admit it, but in many ways, we are a product of our environment.   

2.  Credible Authority Figures:  

Mephibosheth’s father Jonathan (a Prince) and his grandfather Saul (a King) were killed on the same day.  It was the day he lost his ability to walk.  So not only was he maimed, but Mephibosheth lost his connection to greatness.  This connection was severed at a young age.  When you can’t see any examples of excellence, and you don’t have anyone to emulate, it is difficult to make progress in life.  You need people around you that you have given “license to speak into your life.”  These credible authority figures help shape and guide you down the path to your purpose.  Mephibosheth lost this at a young age.  

3.  Repetitious Information:  

You eventually believe what you consistently receive.  This is why it is critically important that you protect your “ear gate.”  In Lo-debar, Mephibosheth was exposed to conversations of failure, frustration, and disappointment.  The people around him were associated with Saul’s regime and probably talked about the “good ‘ole times;” without any hope of future success.  Whatever you hear, especially over and over again, eventually gets down in your heart.  Once it is in your heart, it becomes part of you, and it shapes your mindset (the way you think) and perspective (the way you see life).

4.  Personal Experiences:  

Our personal experiences make the most impact on our belief system.  Mephibosheth experienced a string of unfortunate events.  He lost his royal grandfather and father at a young age, he was dropped and maimed at the same time, and he was taken to live in an unproductive and uncreative environment.  Since the age of five, all he knew was struggle.  It is no wonder why he saw himself as a “Dead dog.” 

I know this all paints a pretty bad picture, but here comes the good news.  The reigning King remembered that he had a covenant with Mephibosheth’s father.  Even though his father was dead, the covenant remained intact.  King David was obligated to fulfill the covenant.  The King was willing to bless Mephibosheth and turn his life around.  Although King David was obligated to fulfill his part of the covenant, Mephibosheth still had a role in the matter.  Mephibosheth needed to look beyond his past long enough to see hope for his future.  Mephibosheth needed to do two things: recognize the authority of the King and receive the blessing from the throne. 

So what does this mean for you today?  I have already given you a great deal.  SO I will close with four quick nuggets:

1.  Don’t judge your future by your past.  We serve a God who specializes in turnarounds!  No matter how bad your past was, if you survived it, you are now equipped for a great future.

2.  Keep your heart open to God’s grace.  When God promises to bless you, don’t think you need to earn it.  All you need to do is recognize the authority of our God and receive (by faith) all He wants to give you (by grace).  Mephibosheth almost missed out on his blessing because he could not understand why the king wanted to bless him.  Sometimes God wants to bless you by grace, simply because He wants to.  So keep your heart OPEN to God’s grace and be ready to RECEIVE when God is ready to RELEASE!

3.  Do all you can to align your thinking with God.  The reason why God wants you to believe what He believes about you, and to renew your mind with His Word to the point where your thinking aligns with His, is because God knows how critical your mindset is.  Your mindset will either position you to RECEIVE or lead you to REJECT God’s blessing.    

4.  We serve a God who spends time thinking about us.  While Mephibosheth was in Lo-debar, thinking that no one cared about him, his name was being brought up in the palace.  This is how it is with God.  When you think no one is thinking about you, remember that You serve a God who is.  He is mindful of you (Ps 8:4).  He is bringing your name up in heaven!  And He is doing it because He is preparing your next blessing.  GREATER IS COMING FOR YOU!  

Declaration of Faith:

Father, I thank You for Your goodness and lovingkindness towards me.  I have not always done right in your sight.  I have not always lived up to Your standard.  I have not always been light and salt.  Life has not always been easy, and I have not always had the right mindset.  But I am still here, so You are not through with me.  I expand my capacity to believe You to the point where I am ready to receive all You want to give me.  You want to bless me richly because You are so good, not because I am.  You have plans for me, and You made those plans before the foundations of the world.  So I will not allow my past to dictate my future.  I look beyond disappointment, frustration, and pain.  I look unto Jesus, the author, and the finisher of my faith.  I revamp my belief system through the Word of God.  I believe what You believe about me!  I recognize Your authority, and I am OPEN to receive Your blessing.  I have a bright future because You are the author of it.  You spend time thinking about me.  You bring up my name in heaven! This is why I know GREATER IS COMING FOR ME!  I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

This is Today’s Word.  Apply it and prosper!

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