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by Rick

The Internet is a tremendous resource for the Bible student.  On this page, I have listed several web pages that have been a blessing in my life.  They are broken down into:

  • Churches:  These ministries have been a blessing to me.
  • Ministries:  Ministries that have helped to make me who I am today.
  • Online Ministry:  Online audio and video Christian content.
  • References:  Online Biblical reference sties.
  • CARM:  This site is loaded with resources.
  • Blue Letter Bible:  This site is also loaded with resources.


Faith Outreach Christian Life Center:  This is the Church Rick and Isabella’s Spiritual parents (Bishop Richard and Dr. Janice Peoples) Pastor

Victory Christian Ministries International:  This is where Rick and Isabella worship today, under the awesome leadership of Pastors Tony and Cynthia Brazelton
Eagle Mountain International Church:  Part of Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Worldchangers Church International:  With Pastor Creflo A. Dollar
Worldchangers Church New York:  With Pastor Creflo A. Dollar
Crenshaw Christian Center:  With Dr. Fred K.C. Price
Yoido Full Gospel Church:  With Pastor David Cho (The largest Church in the world)
New Light Christian Center:  With Dr. I.V. Hilliard
The Potter’s House:  With Bishop T.D. Jakes
Word of Faith International Christian Center:  With Bishop Keith A. Butler
Spirit of Faith Christian Center:  With Drs. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman
Bahamas Faith Ministries International:  With Pastor Myles Munroe
Christian House of Prayer:  With Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb
Life Changers International Church:  With Pastor Gregory Dickow
Faith Central Bible Church:  With Bishop Kenneth Ulmer
Ever Increasing Word Ministries:  With Pastor Leroy Thompson
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit:  With Bishop Earl Paulk
Covenant Church of Pittsburgh:  With Bishop Joseph Garlington
Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church:  With Bishop Alfred A. Owens
The Greater Allen Cathedral of New York:  With Dr. Floyd Flake
Cornerstone Church:  With Pastor John Hagee
West Angeles Church of God in Christ:  With Bishop Charles Blake
Willowcreek Community Church:  With Pastor Bill Hybels
Saddleback Church:  With Pastor Rick Warren
Living Word Christian Center:  With Pastor Mac Hammond
Abundant Life Cathedral:  With Dr. Ed Montgomery
Abundant Life Worship Center:  With Pastor Hardie Davis Jr.
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Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Creflo Dollar MinistriesBenny Hinn Ministries

Rhema:  Online ministry of Pastor Kenneth Hagin
T. D. Jakes Ministries
Jerry Savelle Ministries
Jesse Duplantis Ministries

Pearsons Ministries International
Breakthrough:  Online ministry of Pastor Rod Parsley
Gregory Dickow Ministries
Charles Capps Ministries
Bill Winston Ministries
The Wisdom Center:  Online ministry of Mike Murdock
The God Chasers Network:  Online ministry of Tommy Tenney
Life in the Word:  Online Ministry of Joyce Meyer
Juanita Bynum Ministries
Focus on the Family: With James Dobson
Purpose Driven Life:  Online ministry of Rick Warren
In Touch Ministries:  With Pastor Charles Stanley
Revealing Truth Ministries:  Online ministry of Dr. Gregory Powe
Tony and Cynthia Brazleton Ministries
Mark Chironna Ministries

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GospelCity:  Gospel music online
Streaming Faith:  You can watch Christian Programming online
Love Worth Finding:  The broadcast ministry of Adrian Rodgers
Audio Bible online: Listen to the King James Bible
Bible Reading Plan (1 year) – Download this colorful Bible reading plan
7 Minutes with God – Learn about having daily quiet time with God

References: (return to top of page)

Bible Studies Foundation:  All sorts of study Resources
Web Bible – An internet Bible Study resource center
Bible Gateway – Search the Bible with study tools
E-Sword – Free Bible software you can download that is loaded with features

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) – Absolutely packed with Bible Resources!

***Also from CARM: (return to top of page)

Introduction to The Bible
Misc. Info about the Bible
Dictionary of terms
Interpretive Principles

Regarding the Bible
Bible Chronology of the Old Testament
Bible Chronology of the New Testament
Books of the Old Testament
Books of the New Testament
What is the Canon of Scripture?
Other books mentioned in the Bible
When was the Bible written and who wrote it?
The Greek and Hebrew Alphabet with numeric equivalents

Major biblical themes

Answers to Questions about the Bible
What is the canon of Scripture?
Can we trust the New Testament as a historical document?
Wasn’t the New Testament written hundreds of years after Christ?
Hasn’t the Bible been rewritten so many times it can’t be trusted?
Since the NT writers were biased, can we trust what they wrote?
What is the gospel of Q and does it prove the Gospels are false?
Why isn’t there other evidence of the massacre of the babies?
Why isn’t there any record of millions of Jews wandering in the desert?
Do the lost books of the Bible prove that the Bible has been altered?
Is there non-biblical evidence of a day of darkness at the crucifixion?
Does the Bible tell us if there is life on other planets?
What does the Bible say about divorce?
What does it mean when the Bible refers to the “third heaven”?
Does the Bible forbid Interracial Marriages?
What is biblical numerology?
Are the New Testament themes found in the Old Testament?
Doesn’t Mithra prove that Christians borrowed from this myth?

Evidence supporting the Bible
Manuscript evidence for superior New Testament reliability
Illustration of Bible text manuscript tree and variant readings
Non-biblical accounts of New Testament events and/or people
Archaeological Evidence verifying biblical cities
The writings of Josephus mention many biblical people and places
When were the gospels written and by whom?

What does the Bible say about…?
Does the Bible tell us if there is life on other planets?
What does the Bible say about divorce?
What does it mean when the Bible refers to the “third heaven”?
Does the Bible forbid Interracial Marriages?
What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
What does the Bible say about artificial insemination?

Where did Cain get his wife?
What does it mean when the Bible refers to the “third heaven”?
Could Noah’s ark hold all the animals?

Blue Letter Bible – Search the Bible and a whole lot more!

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Chart: The Books of the Bible
A Summary of the contents of each Bible book
Miracles Recorded in the Old Testament
Miracles Recorded in the Gospels
Miracles Recorded in the Book of Acts
Parables Recorded in the Old Testament
Parables Recorded in the Gospels
Timeline: Adam to Augustine
Timeline: The Apostle Paul
Timeline: Acts and the Epistles
The Names of God
Portraits of the Apostles
Chart – The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Map – Hebrew Map
Map – Ancient Jerusalem
Map – Modern Jerusalem
Drawing – The Ark and the Mercy Seat
More Charts, Timelines, and Other Resources