Honor Is the Culture Of God’s Kingdom

by Rick

(Read Mark 6:1-6)


This morning we continue our series, “Grace that is Simply Amazing” by continuing our mini-series entitled, “Grace Based Success (Prosperity)”.  After Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood and raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead, He led the team to His hometown of Nazareth.  When the Sabbath came Jesus began to teach in the synagogue, just like He had done in so many other places.  All who heard Him were amazed by His teaching.  The people said, “We had no idea he was this good!  How did he get so wise all of a sudden, get such ability?”  But in the next breath they said, “He’s just a carpenter—Mary’s boy.  We’ve known him since he was a kid.  We know his brothers, James, Justus, Jude, and Simon, and his sisters.  Who does he think he is?”  It’s like they were offended with Jesus for simply being Himself; for being the man He was born to be.


Jesus knew what was going on.  He immediately perceived it to be a lack of honor.  Jesus said, “A prophet has little honor in his hometown, among his relatives, on the streets he played in as a child.”  The Bible then says one of the most sad statements I have ever read in scripture.  The Bible says, “Jesus could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them.  He was amazed at their lack of faith.”  The Bible does not say Jesus did not want to perform miracles.  No, it says He “could not”.  While we like to think there was nothing Jesus could not do, in this case it is clear that He could not minister to them on the level He and the Father wanted, because they failed to honor Him.  I am sure this lesson on honor left a lasting impact for all the disciples, especially for Peter, who would later become their leader.


So what does this mean to you today?  A few things.


1.  I have taught you before that faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God.  While faith is the currency, honor is the culture.  God’s Kingdom operates on a culture of honor.


2.  Some mistake honor for man-worship.  We don’t worship men.  Worship is reserved only for God.  But the God we worship expects us to honor one another in accordance with the grace and anointings He has placed on His children.


3.  Faith requires honor.  Faith will not work where there is no honor.  Being dishonorable will stifle your faith.


4.  Some people will get upset with you for simply being yourself; for simply walking in Your grace.  You did nothing wrong.  They lack honor.


5.  The Bible says, “Therefore, the LORD, the God of Israel, says: I promised that your branch of the tribe of Levi would always be my priests.  But I will honor those who honor me, and I will despise those who think lightly of me.”  (1 Sam 2:30 NLT)


God says,

— If you honor me, I will honor you.

— If you dishonor me, I will dishonor you.

— If you value me, I will value you.

— If you devalue me, I will devalue you.

— If you treat me as common, I will treat you as common.


6.  God’s glory and anointing are different.

a)  When the glory of God is present people receive directly from God, without the involvement of a third person.  When God manifests His glory the only entities involved in the interaction are God and you.

b)  The anointing is different from the glory.  The glory of is a manifestation of God’s power and person.  The anointing is God’s supernatural empowerment on a human.

c)  To receive from God through the anointing involves three entities: God, you and the ANOINTED VESSEL.

d)  If you are going to receive from God THROUGH a person, it will be through the ANOINTING on that person.

d)  If you devalue or dishonor the ANOINTED person, you will have a hard time receiving from God through that person.

e)  The more COMMON you see the person, the less apt you will be to receive from that PERSON.

f)  The Greatest Enemy of Receiving from the God through His anointed vessels is FAMILIARITY!  This is what happened in Nazareth.  The people in Jesus’ hometown were too familiar with Jesus to honor Him.  They treated Him as common, so they could not receive from Him as the Son of God and He could not do what He wanted to do for them.


I will stop here for today and discuss this further tomorrow.


Closing Confession:   Father, I thank You for teaching me about Your grace and my requirement to live by faith.  I have a sincere desire to become the man/woman I was born to be.  I want to accomplish my divine assignment while I am in the land of the living.  In order to do it, I must receive all You want me to receive.  I can receive from You, directly, and I do.  You give me dreams as I sleep.  You speak to me while I am awake.  You give me insight as I read Your Word.  I love You and I truly appreciate all the ways You speak to me.  But one of the key ways is through others.  You have placed people in my life who are anointed to minister to me.  You have graced them to speak into my life and I have opened my heart to receive.  I know that if I don’t honor them, I won’t be able to receive from them.  Just like I honor You, I honor those You have anointed to make a difference in this world.  And I am one of those people.  I honor what You are doing through me.  I am good ground and I believe I am graced to pour into others.  On those occasions where others don’t honor me, they won’t be able to receive from me, and I won’t get upset about it.  Like Jesus, I will shake the dust off my feet and keep going.  But as for me, I develop and maintain the culture of Your Kingdom, which is a culture of honor.  I honor You and all those You have chosen to make a difference in this world.  I am a man/woman of honor and I live an honorable life.  I declare this by faith.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.
This is Today’s Word!  Apply it and Prosper.

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